(G)I-DLE Soyeon’s Net Worth in 2024: Idol Reveals She Earned 1 Billion KRW in 1 Month

Is Soyeon considered the wealthiest member of (G)I-DLE? After her recent admission of making 1 billion KRW in just one month, netizens have become curious about her current net worth.

On July 10, Soyeon and Lee Young Ji met for a YouTube video where they discussed Soyeon’s earnings.

Young Ji, in particular, asked:

“How much do you earn in a month, unnie?”

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The reply she gave was candid.

“If I divide a year into 12 months and calculate the statistics, can I do that? You earn a lot, too.”

Lee denied this and responded:

“I have a lot of ups and downs.”

When Jeon Soyeon repeated the same statement, Lee Young Ji proceeded to reword her inquiry, stating:

“Then how much is your highest income?”

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Upon being questioned, Jeon made a confession:

“If I do really well, I can earn up to 1 billion won (about 770k USD) a month, and if I don’t, I can earn 100,000 won ($73), and things like that.”

Upon learning this new information, K-pop fans were amazed by the amount of wealth Soyeon has accumulated. They also shared the same sentiment as Lee Young Ji, believing that Soyeon may have downplayed her true earnings.

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It has been noted that Young Ji has also mentioned the revenue generated from copyright fees as a songwriter, causing netizens to question the extent of Soyeon’s earnings as a K-pop idol, fashion icon, and model.

It has been reported by multiple sources that Jeon Soyeon’s net worth falls somewhere between $3 and USD 5 million. This is considered quite substantial for a fourth-generation idol, as the average net worth for female idols is typically around USD 1 million.

The majority of her income is derived from her royalties as a songwriter and music producer/composer for (G)I-DLE and her solo projects. She has also created tracks for various other artists, such as JBJ’s “Say My Name,”CLC’s “No,”SHINee Key’s “I Wanna Be,”and others.

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It is anticipated that her net worth will continue to increase due to the highly anticipated 2024 (G)I-DLE World Tour (iDOL), which is set to begin in August with a show in Seoul.

At the moment, the two-day Seoul concert scheduled for Aug. 3 and 4 has sold out. This is also true for the Hong Kong concert (Aug. 24-25) and the Tokyo concert (Aug. 31 & Sept. 1).

As a result of their highly sought-after concert in Hong Kong, the group added an extra date for August 23. After tickets went on sale, they were quickly sold out.

Following their comeback with their 7th mini album “I SWAY”on the 8th, (G)I-DLE will be making their first comeback stage appearance on Mnet’s “M Countdown”on the 11th.

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