Girl in NCT’s Haechan & Johnny’s Prostitution Rumors: Not All Are False

Fans were recently shocked by rumors of prostitution, drug use, and sleeping with fans, involving NCT’s Haechan and Johnny.

Despite the situation, SM Entertainment promptly denied the rumors and even warned of potential legal repercussions, bringing a sense of relief to fans.

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Nevertheless, the unclear comment supposedly made by a girl linked to these rumors has reignited the controversy.

Specifically, during the scandal, one of the girls supposedly involved held an Instagram livestream to address the rumors. The girl, known as Rio, stated that she had never received so many Korean comments before, and then added, “Not all of the rumors are untrue. Some of them are accurate. As for which parts are accurate and which parts are not, you can determine that for yourselves.”

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She stated, “The company is denying, so you can choose to believe them.”She then made ambiguous remarks such as, “Do you not think that we have more knowledge than you?”and “We have not received any money from them.”

Essentially, Rio was suggesting that some aspects of the speculations surrounding Haechan and Johnny were accurate, despite SM Entertainment’s denial.

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