Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon Weighs In On K-Pop’s ‘Generation’ Levels: ‘Why Are They…’

Hyoyeon from Girls’ Generation engaged in a conversation with Bomi from Apink, discussing the current state of the K-pop industry and their personal thoughts on it.

On June 5, 2024, the most recent installment of “Hyo’s Level Up”was released on YouTube, featuring special guest Bomi from Apink. During their conversation, they touched on the subject of K-pop generations.

Hyoyeon mentioned that Bomi has over a decade of experience in the industry and highlighted that the current state of K-pop can be categorized as either the fourth or fifth generation. In response, Bomi sought clarification from Hyoyeon about their position in the second generation of K-pop.

Hyoyeon agreed, pointing out that first-generation idol groups included popular acts such as H.O.T., Sechskies, Fin.K.L, and S.E.S. They are considered to be the successors of these legendary groups.

Bomi and Hyoyeon were both taken aback when they were referred to as second-generation artists. Bomi expressed feeling old upon hearing this label, while Hyoyeon also shared the sentiment and questioned the necessity of dividing K-pop groups into generations and causing people to feel old.

She playfully commented that unlike Apple, who often labels their products as first or second generation, they do not use such terms.

Bomi expressed frustration when the topic of first or second generation arises, as it tends to provoke her. Hyoyeon shared a similar sentiment, admitting that being referred to as the second generation often made her feel like a mere object rather than an idol.

Despite wishing to be part of the third generation, Bomi still enjoys being a member of the second generation of K-pop, as stated by her.

After watching the video, Korean netizens were quick to point out Hyoyeon’s humor, while also acknowledging the validity of her argument. Many agreed that labeling idols by generation is simply a tactic used by companies to promote their artists as the “cream of the crop”or the “pioneers of their generation.”

Girls' Generation Hyoyeon Weighs In On K-Pop's 'Generation' Levels: 'Why Are They...'
Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon Weighs In On K-Pop’s ‘Generation’ Levels: ‘Why Are They…’ (Photo : Hyoyeon Instagram)

Despite some arguments stating that K-pop acts should not be categorized by generations, it has been pointed out that the distinction has become increasingly unclear.

The comments that were read were:

  • “LOL!”
  • “I burst out laughing while eating my kimbap.”
  • “This is marketing so that they can make their idols look successful.”
  • “They are just separating idols into generations because they want their idols to be the top of their generation.”
  • “Seriously, it’s all just marketing. It’s not like these idols are retiring, and most are still promoting now.”
  • “That’s what I was saying. When I first heard about the generations, I reacted the same way. Why are they being divided?”
  • “Hyoyeon’s channel is hilarious.”
  • “I also thought the same way. Why do we need to divide them into generations? The divide has gotten so ambiguous.”
  • “She’s right. What even is ‘fifth gen’?”
  • “Apple LOL! She’s right!”

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NingNing from aespa playfully meowed at Hyoyeon from SNSD, prompting a humorous reaction from the group member.

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