Go Joon-hee Denies Rumors of Involvement in Burning Sun Following Purchase of Luxury Apartment

On June 11th, actress Go Joon-hee was featured as a guest in a video uploaded on the YouTube channel “STUDIO SUZE.”

In the video, Go discussed her current residence. She resides in a high-end apartment located in Seongsu-dong, Seoul. She mentioned that she has been living there for over a decade, although she is not entirely certain of the exact duration. Initially, her family moved into a semi-rental house, but the following year, one of her projects proved to be successful, leading to her involvement in over 20 commercials and a drama in China. As a result, she was able to live independently, and she considers herself fortunate for the opportunity.

Go Jun-hee

Host Jang Sung-kyu brought up rumors that had surrounded Go in the past, including her appearance on the related search keyword list for the Burning Sun case, which was recently covered by BBC. This rumor had labeled her as the so-called Burning Sun actress.

Joon-hee stated, “Honestly, I am not sure why I am associated with Burning Sun. I was unaware of its location and have never been there,”clarifying, “I have consistently denied these rumors for years. However, no one paid attention to my denials and the shows I appeared on only edited out my explanations.”

“During a breast cancer campaign event, I took a selfie with OO (the actress involved in the Burning Sun case). At the time, we were both under the same agency and she had asked me to take the photo with her. However, I was not aware that she had posted the picture on Instagram since I did not follow her. At the time, I was focused on filming a drama and was not paying attention to the Burning Sun incident, as stated by the actress.”

Go Jun-hee

Upon hearing about the rumors, Go remembered receiving calls from friends urging him to check the online posts about him. It all started with a single comment on the internet. He reached out to his company for help, but they ignored him. Eventually, he made the decision to leave the company and hire a lawyer on his own. However, as netizens continued to spread the comments, it appeared as though Go had already admitted to them. As a result, his projects and schedules were continuously being cancelled.

Go Joon-hee tearfully revealed, “This situation even caused my mom to develop Lee Seok-diagnosis (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo). It breaks my heart to think about how much my mom has suffered because of me. I wanted to protect her from any harm, but it seems like I failed. My mom even kept the diagnosis a secret from me. It’s devastating to see my mom in this state because of my career.”

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