Gohan’s Disappointing Character Development in Dragon Ball

Gohan, a character from the Dragon Ball series, has gained a large following due to his likable personality. Despite this, it is evident that he has his fair share of flaws, which have been brought to light by netizens through various online discussions.

A frequent topic of discussion in the animanga series is the protagonist’s role as a son and his repeated failures to live up to his father’s expectations. While this may seem like a harsh judgment, there are specific facts and evidence that substantiate this claim.

It could be argued that Gohan is among the least exemplary sons in the series, as evidenced by Goku’s persistent reluctance to retire. To fully comprehend this viewpoint, it is necessary to examine several key events from the Dragon Ball Z series.

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Reasons why Gohan is a candidate for the “Most Disappointing Son” in the Dragon Ball series

As a teen, I hated how whiny Kid Gohan was, but as an adult can help but feeling bad for him. Masako’s childalike voice improvisation is Tier-Zeno🔥 byu/FlopManiSaarFan indbz

Prior to delving into this subject, it must be noted that many characters in the series possess various flaws, and Gohan is certainly not exempt from this. Despite his impressive fighting skills and potential, he has not always been the ideal son that Goku desired. The Cell Saga remains one of the most memorable story arcs in the series, culminating in the tragic demise of Goku.

Initially, there was a sense of sadness among fans when Goku departed from the planet. However, this departure proved to be crucial in setting up Gohan as his successor. With his potential surpassing that of his father, Gohan was poised to take on the role of Earth’s protector. Unfortunately, he ultimately failed and displayed his incompetence on multiple occasions.

Despite possessing a great deal of anger and untapped potential, Gohan failed to harness his abilities to their full potential. If he had, he may have even surpassed his father, Goku. However, Gohan did not share the same intense passion for fighting as his father, which may have hindered his development as a warrior. As a result, he was unable to make significant contributions during the Buu Saga, which disappointed some fans.

Additionally, the return of Goku in the Dragon Ball series has kept him from retirement. Unfortunately, Gohan is unable to fill the role of Earth’s protector and succeed his father due to certain circumstances. In the Super series, some may argue that his abilities were not fully utilized as he chose to pursue academia instead of combat like his father.

Gohan as seen in the Super series (Image via Toei Animation)
Gohan as seen in the Super series (Image via Toei Animation)

All of the aforementioned factors ultimately lead to Goku’s reluctance to retire, providing strong evidence for Gohan’s shortcomings in the series. However, there is still a glimmer of hope for both the character and the fanbase. The direction of the series suggests that Gohan will have the opportunity to rectify his past mistakes and tap into his full potential.

The powerful transformation of Beast Gohan has been gradually revealing his latent potential to Dragon Ball fans. It will be intriguing to observe if Gohan can fulfill Goku’s wish of becoming the perfect son, thus allowing the latter to finally retire.

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