Gong Hyo-jin and Kevin Oh’s Sweet Moment Captured

On May 15th, Gong Hyo-jin shared a photo on her social media account with the brief caption, “One day, surprise!”

The recently shared photo captures Gong Hyo-jin and Kevin Oh happily spending time together, seated side by side. The pair indulged in a romantic date, sharing drinks and sweet moments. Kevin Oh took a photo of them reflected in the window.

Gong Hyo-jin kevin oh

Despite being on vacation, Kevin Oh couldn’t help but glance at his wife Gong Hyo-jin with adoration as they spent quality time together. Her beaming smile only added to his joy.

Fans were thrilled by the charming moments of their daily lives, commenting that it felt like they were watching a romcom come to life.

In October 2022, Gong Hyo-jin and Kevin Oh got married in New York. In December of the same year, Kevin Oh enlisted in the military.

The actress frequently conveyed her yearning for her husband, who is currently deployed in the military. During her birthday celebration last month, Gong Hyo-jin specifically acknowledged Kevin Oh’s military duties, stating, “Although his absence is deeply felt, the outpouring of well wishes from everyone brought me immense joy.”

In January, while appearing on tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block,”Gong Hyo-jin opened up about her husband Kevin Oh’s enlistment and expressed her love for him, revealing that she had stayed up all night crying.

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