Gong Minzy: Confessing My Affection For My 2NE1 Sisters

During a recent Instagram post, Gong Minzy shared a photo with the caption, “Feeling incredibly fortunate to have my amazing sisters by my side. So happy that I spontaneously confessed my love for them.”She also tagged the accounts of CL, Park Bom, and Sandara Park, leading fans to believe that the 2NE1 members were reunited.

The photograph captures Minzy with a bright smile on her face, surrounded by an array of delectable dishes.

Upon viewing Minzy’s post, Sandara Park left a comment expressing her well wishes for their youngest member’s healthy growth.

YG Entertainment announced that on the evening of June 27th, Yang Hyun-suk and the members of 2NE1 gathered at the company’s new headquarters in Hapjeong-dong, Seoul. It was reported that the CEO and the girl group engaged in meaningful discussions for two hours during the meeting.

2ne1 minzy

This gathering has piqued the curiosity of fans worldwide due to its official nature, as the 2NE1 members themselves visited the YG building. With the members meeting Yang Hyun-suk in person to commemorate their 15th debut anniversary, it is highly likely that they are discussing plans for a new 2NE1 project.

According to YG, Yang Hyun-suk recently reunited with 2NE1 members after an 8-year hiatus and discussions took place. While no concrete plans have been revealed, Yang Hyun-suk holds a special place in his heart for the group and was attentive to their requests. As a result, fans can anticipate positive developments to be announced in the near future.

Moreover, Sandara Park made a recent appearance on SBS’s “Cultwo Show”where she discussed 2NE1’s return. Despite being asked about their comeback, she refrained from revealing any details and stated that it would be considered as an official announcement if she were to disclose anything. As a dedicated fan of 2NE1, she expressed her anticipation for positive updates in the near future.

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