Goo Hye Sun Is The Only Woman In TOP 5 Most Shameless Korean Celebrities Who Are Doing Well (Seungri At No.1)

The online forum “DC Inside”released a list on June 10 titled “Famous Celebrities Who Thrive Despite Criticism,”which received 17,061 votes between June 3 and June 9. According to the results, Seungri, Kim Ho Joong, and MC Mong were ranked as the top three most controversial stars, in that order.

seungri-kim ho joong-mc mong

Nevertheless, the most unexpected ranking was Goo Hye Sun’s placement at 4th place. Among the controversial list, she is the sole female celebrity, ranking just below 3 criminal stars. This has sparked discussion among people about the possible reasons for her inclusion.

Despite not being involved in severe offenses like prostitution brokering, drunk driving, or draft evasion like the TOP 3, Goo Hye Sun is often disliked due to her perceived insincere demeanor. Many netizens argue that she tends to portray herself as the victim in her various controversies.

goo hye sun

Despite facing negative attention and legal battles in the past, Goo Hye Sun has persevered in her career as an actress. She has been the subject of various articles, such as “Goo Hye Sun Retires After Facing Constant Criticism and Misunderstanding”, “Goo Hye Sun Accused by Ex-Husband of Defamation”, and “Goo Hye Sun Accused of Falsely Naming Another Actress as Her Husband’s Mistress”. However, in recent news, Goo has garnered attention for her apparent poverty on television, which has been contradicted by reports of her building a villa and homes for her family members.

Goo Hye Sun

Despite being exposed for lying and playing the victim, Goo Hye Sun refused to take responsibility for her actions according to netizens. She shifted the blame onto the media, claiming they had spread misleading information and suggested that the public did not understand her intentions. Goo Hye Sun’s sudden departure from the entertainment industry and the impact it had on a film crew was attributed to her declared health issues, which many believe were simply excuses. As a result, she has been placed on the list of shameless stars.

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