Guide for Completing the Solitary Path Companion Story in Wuthering Waves

The Companion quest, Solitary Path, can now be completed in Wuthering Waves with the addition of Yinlin. Here’s the correct password and steps to finish the quest.

Wuthering Waves has initiated the second stage of the 1.0 version, where players are now attempting to recruit Yinlin to their teams. By completing her Companion Story, titled Solitary Path, players can earn rewards.

Getting Started with Solitary Path Companion Story in Wuthering Waves

Starting from June 6, 2024, all players of Wuthering Waves who log in will be contacted by Chixia. In order to begin the Companion Story called Solitary Path, you must answer the call.

If you were unable to answer the call, you can still access the mission by searching for it on the Quests tab. Once you have tracked the quest and exited the menu, you can receive the call and begin Solitary Path. Please note that you should set aside at least one hour to complete all tasks in the Companion Story.

Yinlin in Wuthering Waves
Kuro Games

Yinlin is featured in the second phase of Wuthering Waves 1.0.

Wuthering Waves: How to Enter the Correct Password in Solitary Path

Once you have interacted with certain characters, defeated enemies, collected Dolls, and utilized the Sensor to locate markings, it will be necessary to enter the password 4 1 2 3 in order to access the safe house in Wuthering Waves.

To determine the password, simply count the number of flowers that are not in their correct place around the door. Upon speaking with Yinlin, she will promptly reveal the password to you.

Wuthering Waves: Solitary Path Companion Story Quest Walkthrough

To successfully finish the Solitary Path Companion Story quest in Wuthering Waves, follow these necessary steps:

  1. Reply to Chixia’s request.
  2. Please proceed to the designated location in Jinzhou.
  3. Conceal any indications of difficulty by engaging with the two glistening objects.
  4. Meet at the designated location in Huanglong.
  5. After the cutscene, continue to follow Lirong.
  6. After another cutscene, conquer the two Fractsidus members.
  7. Please gather all three dolls that are placed near the shining blue plants. You will see one directly in front of you and the other two on either side.
  8. Utilize the Sensor to locate the markings and follow them in order to reach the safe house.
  9. Enter the Correct Password: 4123
  10. Navigate to the center of the safe house and initiate a cutscene.
  11. Engage with the gleaming labeled items in the warehouse to receive further information.
  12. Make use of the tablet to successfully finish the minigame.
  13. Leave the safe house and seek out Yinlin to inquire about the specifics.
  14. Engage in conversation with three individuals who are part of the Seance Society and can be identified by their purple icons.
  15. Make sure to overcome any adversaries that come your way. Take advantage of the chance to experiment with Yinlin’s abilities in the game, as she is available as a free trial.
  16. Select your team and proceed to the Puppet Factory portal.
  17. Place the Remote-Controlled Doll onto the floor switch in order to solve the puzzle.
  18. Continue to progress forward and overcome any Exiles you encounter along the way.
  19. Follow the marker and then utilize the Levitator to position the cube on the switch to your left. Then, stand on the switch opposite and wait for the lasers to shut off. Finally, use the Levitator to place the remaining cube on the switch you are standing on.
  20. Use the remote-controlled doll to unlock the mechanism and turn on the third switch.
  21. Keep advancing, make sure to vanquish additional Exiles, and then lower yourself using lasers.
  22. Use a greater number of remote-controlled dolls to trigger both of the floor switches.
  23. Go to the designated spots and use the utility wheel to choose the Zoom Camera in order to capture information.
  24. Conquer adversaries and ride the elevator to the highest level.
  25. Follow the purple marker in order to reach the precise location of the Dollmaker.
  26. The objective is to defeat both the Exiles and the Mech Abomination. It is advised to wait for the boss to finish their combos before launching an attack. During its spinning attack, it is best to keep a safe distance and strike once it has finished. Additionally, it is not recommended to use Electro characters as their attacks will be ineffective against the Mech Abomination’s resistance.
  27. In Jinzhou, utilize the sensor to locate the markings and Yinlin.

So that’s all there is to it! By finishing the Solitary Path Companion Story, you’ll be able to earn Union EXP, Astrite, Shell Credits, and other valuable rewards.

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