Haikyuu!! The Dumpster Battle: An Overlooked Disregard for Two of the Franchise’s Most Dynamic Characters

Although Haikyuu!! The Dumpster Battle effectively reignites the excitement from the anime, it overlooks two of the story’s most compelling characters.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to label Haikyuu!! The Dumpster Battle as one of the top anime movies of 2024. Following its impressive performance at the Japanese box office, the film has now captivated audiences worldwide since its international debut. Check out The Dumpster Battle review for further insights!

The overwhelming reception of the anime movie is evidence that sports anime is finally getting the recognition it deserves. Despite not being a traditional action-packed anime, the latest Haikyuu!! movie has viewers enthusiastically shouting “chance ball”alongside the characters on screen.

Despite being one of the viewers enthusiastically shouting “mou ippon”as the boys earned points on screen, I cannot say that I was completely amazed by the sports anime movie. While I was highly anticipating it, I couldn’t help but notice that it neglected to include two important characters, Kageyama and Kuroo.

The much-awaited match between Karasuno and Nekoma finally begins

The highly-anticipated Haikyuu!! movie, The Dumpster Battle, takes place during the long-awaited match between Karasuno and Nekoma. This match has been eagerly anticipated by both the characters, who have been longing to face each other at the national level, and the fans, who have been eagerly awaiting this moment for the past four years since Season 4.

Despite being rivals for generations and anticipating the opportunity to compete nationally, it is ultimately Hinata and Kenma’s teams that find themselves facing off on the orange court. Each member of the opposing teams has their own individual rival to go up against, including Nishinoya against Yaku, Tsukishima against Kuroo, and Hinata who has three rivals of his own.

Nevertheless, Haikyuu!! The Dumpster Battle wastes no time in establishing that Hinata and Kenma are the true stars of the game. In fact, it is overly insistent on this fact, often neglecting other characters in order to give the two protagonists the maximum amount of attention.

Despite this, there is nothing inherently wrong with the way things played out. The Dumpster Battle was always meant to be a moment for Kenma to showcase his skills and reignite his passion for the sport he has been playing since childhood. However, it could have been achieved without neglecting the potential of Kageyama and Kuroo, which has already been established in the manga.

Despite its efforts to center around Kenma and Hinata, the film overlooks the unique aspects that set the franchise apart from other sports anime, such as Haikyuu!!.

Despite the film’s efforts, not every character on the court is given the chance to truly shine, a stark contrast to the manga. While time constraints may explain some omissions, the creative team’s decision to overlook key scenes involving Kageyama and Kuroo appears to be a major error in judgement.

Kuroo’s Leadership is Lost in The Dumpster Battle

Kuroo's play is being commented by commentators
Haruichi Furudate/Shueisha

From the very start, Haikyuu!! establishes Hinata and Kageyama as the focal characters of the series. Although the protagonist, Hinata faces the challenge of his short stature, while Kageyama has a different obstacle. As we join them on their journey, we witness the growth of both characters.

Despite being less crucial to the story compared to Kageyama, Kuroo still plays an integral role. In The Dumpster Battle, he is an irreplaceable character, serving as the captain of Nekoma and Kenma’s closest friend, as well as being somewhat of a mentor to Tsukishima. His presence greatly influences the events of the story.

Despite successfully showcasing Kuroo’s strengths in two out of three areas, the Haikyuu!! movie falls short in depicting his abilities as a captain. While there is one scene where he is seen motivating his teammates, it merely scratches the surface of his leadership skills.

In the manga, Kuroo’s leadership is evident in subtle yet impactful moments. He consistently watches over his teammates, is able to identify the dangers of each play, and steps up to score when needed. These qualities speak highly of his captaincy. However, the movie barely dedicates two minutes to showcase these important moments.

Despite dedicating ample screen time to their childhood flashback, the movie fails to include one important aspect of Kuroo and Kenma’s friendship. The boys are portrayed as childhood neighbors who develop a strong bond that lasts for years.

However, the way in which the two developed their bond was not depicted. It was not simply their proximity as neighbors that led to their friendship, but also their shared social anxiety. Similar to Kenma, Kuroo was introverted during his childhood, but unlike his pudding-haired friend, he eventually outgrew this personality trait as he grew older.

In the grand scheme of things, this can be disregarded. However, what cannot be overlooked is the movie’s failure to showcase Kuroo’s skills as a volleyball player. While it is mentioned that he is an all-rounder and not just a middle-blocker, there are not enough scenes to truly demonstrate this claim.

Despite this, the Haikyuu!! manga truly shines in this aspect. During the match, Kuroo consistently showcases his exceptional abilities in spiking, receiving, and serving, as well as his adeptness in read blocking, which constantly challenges the crows. A noteworthy moment in Chapter 297 is when Kuroo’s spike earns him high praise from the commentators for his well-rounded skills.

Kageyama’s Best Scenes Not in Movie

Kuroo admitting Kageyama is the biggest monster
Haruichi Furudate/Shueisha

Kageyama faces an even greater challenge than Kuroo as his abilities cannot be overlooked. Being the setter for Karasuno, he is the driving force of the team. Additionally, he is the most skilled player on the court, surpassing all others from both teams.

Despite its title, Haikyuu!! The Dumpster Battle appears to have overlooked the importance of Kageyama’s skills. It seems as though the filmmakers intentionally chose to focus on Kenma’s strategizing rather than showcasing Kageyama’s impressive abilities. Throughout the film, they disregard the significant impact Kageyama has on the Karasuno team, from his powerful serves that intimidate opponents to his exceptional talent as a setter.

Instead, he is portrayed as a supporting character and a catalyst for Hinata’s defining moment. In the movie’s most powerful scene, Kenma traps Hinata after successfully thwarting his attempts to run freely.

Although the film fails to acknowledge it, the manga shows that Kageyama is also restricted. If Hinata is unable to execute his running and flying, Kageyama’s most powerful tool becomes unusable. This is just as detrimental to him as it is to Hinata.

The film effectively portrays the protagonist using the four-point set to give Hinata the opportunity to gain momentum. It also highlights Hinata’s exceptional abilities as he breaks free from the cage, but fails to acknowledge the setter’s crucial contribution.

Kageyama, Daichi, Hinata, and Tanaka
Haruichi Furudate/Shueisha

In the initial section, the situation becomes even more difficult. As depicted in Chapter 299, Karasuno faces increasing tension as Nekoma’s digging becomes increasingly persistent, particularly after Yamaguchi’s jump floaters are halted. In a crucial moment, Kageyama displays his exceptional talent by flawlessly setting a poorly received ball, resulting in a spectacular point scored by Hinata.

After this brilliant moment, Kuroo admits to agreeing with Coach Nekomata’s statement about Kageyama being the most formidable player on Karasuno’s team and the one to watch out for. However, this crucial scene is not shown in the movie, which fails to convey the significance of Kageyama in that particular match.

Likewise, the film chooses to focus on Kenma’s strategic planning in Chapter 300, disregarding his impressive jump serve and accurate sets. As a result, the audience is not reminded of the challenges Kenma faces. He must compete against a superior setter and an energetic spiker who never gives up.

Not only Hinata, but also the strange duo of Hinata and Kageyama serve as Kenma’s biggest adversaries. They come as a package deal, with Hinata being completely dependent on his setter.

Despite whatever it may have been, the truth remains that the movie did not live up to its full potential. Personally, I left feeling disappointed and slightly resentful that I was denied the chance to see some of the greatest moments from the match. After waiting four years, I couldn’t help but question if the experience was truly worthwhile.

It is my hope that Haikyuu movie 2 will remain true to the manga, unlike the first movie. The Kamomedai match is a crucial point where everything is on the line, and I would be disappointed to see significant characters once again sidelined.

Is there an ending to the movie Haikyuu!! The Dumpster Battle, or does it have post-credit scenes? If you haven’t seen it yet, learn how to watch the movie Haikyuu!! The Dumpster Battle.

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