Hantengu’s First Created Personality in Demon Slayer May Have Been the One Fans Saw the Least

Despite being a relatively underrated demon, Hantengu, the fourth Upper Moon in Demon Slayer, has gained popularity along with other characters in the series. His unique ability to spawn multiple bodies when his head is cut has sparked interesting fan theories, making him one of the prime examples of the trend set by the antagonists, Muzan and his Upper Moons.

Many theories have emerged in the Demon Slayer fandom surrounding Hantengu’s first created personality. The latest one proposes that it is Urami (resentment) due to his outward appearance mirroring the Upper Moon’s inner emotions and thoughts. This theory holds merit, particularly when taking into account the flashback that reveals the event that transformed him into a demon during his human days.

This article includes spoilers for the series.

Exploring the Possibility of Urami Being Hantengu’s Primary Persona in Demon Slayer

Hantengu launched an attack on the Swordsmith Village and engaged in battle with Tanjiro Kamado and his companions. During the fight, Tanjiro managed to sever Hantengu’s head, but to their surprise, it gave rise to multiple bodies representing different negative emotions. These bodies were known as Sekido (anger), Karauku (joy), Urugi (pleasure), Aizetsu (sorrow), and Zohakuten (hate), with the last one being a combination of all the others.

It should be noted that a new individual, Urami, emerged at the conclusion of the battle. Urami received the least amount of attention from onlookers and bore a striking resemblance to the original fourth Upper Moon. This raises the possibility that Urami may be the initial personality, as opposed to the younger versions of himself that the rest of the individuals embodied.

The reason for this theory is that when Hantengu transformed into a demon, he had to create a first body. In the flashback, Urami’s appearance is strikingly similar to his previous human form. This could potentially explain why Urami was not utilized earlier, as it may have been perceived as the weakest personality for defense. It is likely that this was the initial creation.

The Legacy of Hantengu

Urami fighting Tanjiro Kamado in the anime (Image via Ufotable).
Urami fighting Tanjiro Kamado in the anime (Image via Ufotable).

While Hantengu has garnered both praise and criticism from fans of Demon Slayer, his divisive nature can largely be attributed to his involvement in a particular arc and the role he plays as a character within it. While his powers have been praised as one of the most unique and peculiar in the series, there have also been valid criticisms regarding his characterization.

Despite being in the company of powerful and dynamic characters such as Doma, Akaza, and Kokushibo, Hantengu is often seen as lackluster and unengaging. This may have been a disadvantage for him in the Swordsmith Village arc, which had lower stakes compared to other story arcs. His one-dimensional nature likely added to this perception, especially when compared to the multifaceted personalities of the three Upper Moons mentioned above.

Final thoughts

Despite never being fully confirmed in the story, the concept of Urami being the original personality created by Hantengu, long before the events of the Demon Slayer series, aligns well with his role in the battle and his mannerisms. As a result, it should be viewed with some skepticism.

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