Harpist goes viral for calm reaction to furious passer-by threatening her

A harpist’s video of her calm response to a furious passer-by threatening to report her and accusing her of illegal begging has gone viral on TikTok.

Robyn, known as robyn.hearts.harp on TikTok, gained viral fame with a video that has amassed over 11 million views. In the video, she can be seen playing George Michael’s Careless Whisper on the harp while a woman approached her on the busy streets of London.

Upon being informed by a passer-by that she would be reported to the council, Robyn, the content creator, replied nonchalantly with an “Alright.”The woman then inquired if she had permission to play on the street, to which the harpist confidently confirmed that she did.

“It’s surprising to me that people are being asked for money in this manner. I’ve never seen a beggar or anyone begging go up to strangers and ask them to charge their card,”the passer-by remarked. “I’m not begging,”replied Robyn calmly with a smile, explaining that she was technically playing for free.


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“Why are you receiving the money?”the passer-by inquired. “Because people want to give money,”Robyn responded, still playing the harp. “I am not requesting it.”

The woman, who was being confrontational, retaliated by saying, “You must provide a tip of £2, that is considered begging. Do you not understand the difference? I will inquire with Harrow Council about whether you have permission, and they may arrest you.”

Despite the harpist’s confirmation, the furious woman only left after the harpist laughed in response.

TikTok viewers praised Robyn for her calm response to the situation, as shown in the comments. One individual commented, “I have never witnessed someone handle a confrontation so effortlessly.”Another person even aspired to reach this level of composure, writing, “I am manifesting to have the same level of unruffled attitude as Robyn.”

“One person praised, “She must be envious of your youth, beauty, and talent. Your composure is admirable. Well done!”Another person added, “The way you play the harp and handle disagreements with grace is unmatched. Truly impressive!”

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