Highly Anticipated Anime Movie Receives Limited Release Due to Absurd Reason

Despite its quiet release, Look Back has gained a strong following in Japan and is definitely a movie worth paying attention to. However, it may be difficult to catch it in theaters when it is released in the US.

Inspired by the work of Chainsaw Man creator Tatsuki Fujimoto, Look Back tells the story of two children who form a strong connection through their shared passion for creativity.

Despite its success in Japan, the anime movie has received praise from Hideo Kojima, creator of Death Stranding and Metal Gear Solid, and Takashi Yamazaki, director of Godzilla Minus One. However, the planned international release seems to be more limited than originally anticipated.

During a panel at Anime Expo 2024, director Kiyotaka Oshiyama of Look Back discussed plans to release the new movie in the US and other regions. However, due to film rejections from theater chains, the release may be smaller than initially expected.

According to a tweet from MangaAlerts on X/Twitter, Kiyotaka reported that the companies he approached showed little interest due to Look Back’s runtime being shorter than 70 minutes. However, the tweet clarifies that this does not necessarily mean a theatrical release will not happen, but rather that it may be more limited compared to previous releases.

It is undoubtedly disappointing news for the numerous fans eagerly anticipating the release of this film. The mere association with Chainsaw Man is enough to generate interest, not to mention the positive reviews it has received.

However, the dynamics surrounding cinemas and distribution can be intricate. Various factors such as duration, source, and the entity responsible for releasing the film can all play a role. Due to its relatively short length and lack of affiliation with a popular franchise, Look Back may face challenges in finding success in theaters.

We’ll need to be patient in order to find out when we can finally watch the movie. Make sure to keep an eye on our upcoming anime list for any other releases that you should be informed about.

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