Hogwarts Legacy Patch Includes DLSS 3.7 Support, Photo Mode, and More

Hogwarts Legacy has received a significant free update on both PC and consoles, featuring new additions such as bug fixes, items, and quality-of-life improvements. This 55 GB update on Steam also contains specific fixes and updates for PC users. Let’s delve into the details of this latest major update for Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy June 6 Patch

Initially, the PlayStation-only content is now accessible on all platforms. This comprises of the Haunted Shop quest, along with certain cosmetics and items that were previously limited to PlayStation devices.

Another significant addition is the photo mode, which offers a variety of features that are now standard in most games. These include filters, lens adjustments, poses, post-processing effects, and more. Additionally, players can now reset their talent points without having to begin a new playthrough.

In addition to numerous bug fixes, there are also some specific updates for PC users. The latest version of DLSS, 3.7, has been incorporated, eliminating the need for manual replacement of the DLL file. XeSS has also been upgraded to version 1.3. Unfortunately, FSR remains at version 2, despite significant improvements in image quality with FSR 3.

By utilizing both DLSS and XeSS, users can expect noticeable enhancements in both image quality and performance. Furthermore, the patch has addressed lighting issues and refined ray tracing by resolving irregularities with semi-translucent meshes in BVH. For a more comprehensive list of changes, please refer to the full patch notes on Steam.

It’s encouraging to see the game receiving some form of support, especially since the previous patch was released in June 2023, over a year ago. If you’ve been holding off on trying the game, now is a great opportunity to do so. The game is currently on sale on all platforms, although the discounted prices only apply to the deluxe editions on Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

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