Hong Ji-yoon Shares Fan Love for Kim Jae-joong, Offers to Pack His Luggage

During the June 7th episode of KBS 2TV’s “Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant”, Kim Jae-joong made an appearance. He used the instant camera provided on the show to take a selfie and then handed it over to the staff to create photocards. He expressed his intention to give these photocards as a gift to his fans.

During a phone call with his manager in Japan, Kim Jae-joong effortlessly conversed in Japanese, demonstrating his fluency that could easily pass as that of a native speaker. His immense popularity in Japan has led to sold-out concerts in large venues, showcasing his success in the country. Hong Ji-yoon confirmed this, sharing, “Whenever I’m in Japan, I always see him on TV.”Jang Min-ho chimed in, “I can attest to that.”

Kim Jae Joong

In addition to being an idol, Kim Jae-joong is actively engaged in various endeavors, including entertainment programs, dramas, and performances. He achieved great success by winning the Best Supporting Actor award for his first Japanese drama. Not only in Japan, but Kim Jae-joong is also actively promoting himself in other countries. He revealed, “During my busiest periods, I can sometimes take 14-16 flights per month.”

He explained, “As I will be away for three days due to work, I will need to pack three sets of clothes. I really dislike having to pack and unpack so frequently, especially when returning to Korea. It’s a hassle to unpack and then have to pack again for another trip in just a few days. Ugh!”

Kim Jae Joong

As Kim Jae-joong packed his luggage, he jokingly sang, “Oh my god~ packing luggage is the bane of my existence~” , eliciting laughter. He then playfully asked, “Is there anyone who can do this for me?” and added, “If someone is willing to pack my luggage, I promise to cook for them for the rest of my life with confidence.”

From the studio, Hong Ji-yoon, an avid fan of Kim Jae-joong, eagerly expressed her enthusiasm as she watched the scene. “I’ll do it for you!”she said. Kim Jae-joong exclaimed, and Boom added, “There are so many people who want to do it for you,”confirming the singer’s widespread popularity. Hong Ji-yoon nodded in agreement and remarked, “He has a huge fanbase.”

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