Hong Kong Concert Sparks Criticism From Chinese Netizens

On July 6th (local time), prior to the group’s concert in Hong Kong, certain netizens took to social media to criticize IVE. They alleged that the costumes and props used in certain scenes of their music videos “HEYA”and “Accendio”were plagiarized from Chinese culture.

heya ive

The music video for “HEYA”has gained recognition for its incorporation of various Korean elements. During an introduction of the MV, IVE’s leader Ahn Yu-jin explained, “We aimed to showcase the splendor of Korean culture by featuring traditional elements in our stage design and costumes.”However, some Chinese netizens have pointed out that the cloud patterns, landscape backgrounds, embroidered shoes, fan shapes, knots, and copper coin patterns are all traditional Chinese cultural elements.

Afterward, IVE released a second music video for their title track “Accendio,”which also sparked controversy among Chinese netizens. Numerous individuals alleged that the music video’s use of a grave at a coal mine in Shanxi Province was meant to ridicule China’s past struggles.


Additionally, there was also criticism directed towards IVE for holding a concert in Hong Kong on July 7th. Some people remarked, “Today is July 7th”and “They will be performing in Hong Kong on the same day as the July 7th incident, which sparked the China-Japan war.”

Chinese netizens have previously accused K-pop artists of cultural appropriation, prompting many to release statements refuting these claims.

On May 1st, Professor Seo Kyung-deok from Sungshin University voiced his frustration towards those who were attempting to link Chinese culture to IVE’s music video. He expressed his anger by stating, “From kimchi and hanbok to Korean cultural traditions like samgyetang and fan dance, everything is being claimed as Chinese. Now, even K-pop stars are being accused of stealing Chinese culture.”The professor emphasized that as Korean content gains global popularity, it appears that Chinese netizens have developed a severe inferiority complex.

In the meantime, IVE’s world tour will proceed with upcoming concerts in Manila on the 13th, Melbourne on the 25th, Sydney on the 28th of this month, and Jakarta on August 24th.

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