House of Dragon Fans Hope to See the Most Heartbreaking Dragon Death from the Book in the Show

Fans of House of the Dragon are strongly urging for a particular emotional death of a dragon to be depicted in an upcoming season of the show.

The tension continues to escalate in House of the Dragon Season 2 as viewers eagerly anticipate the dramatic Dance of the Dragons, a civil war between the Greens and Blacks. This brutal confrontation resulted in the demise of most members of House Targaryen and their legendary dragons.

Despite the loss of numerous winged creatures over the course of two years, the death that fans most yearn to witness is that of Vermithor, the tragic dragon.

One Reddit user stated that it is important for a future season of House of the Dragon to feature Vermithor’s death, as it will be followed by a heartbreaking interaction with another dragon named Silverwing.

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Vermithor was initially mounted by King Jaehaerys I Targaryen, who occupied the Iron Throne, until he passed it down to Rhaenyra’s father, Viserys.

Following Vermithor’s death, there was a period where he had no rider. However, Rhaenyra’s son Jacaerys instructed Hugh Hammer, a blacksmith’s bastard, to attempt to claim a dragon in order to strengthen his mother’s position in the ongoing war.

After bravely battling in the Battle of the Gullet and the initial fight at Tumbleton against the Greens, Hugh and Vermithor made the decision to defect from the Blacks and join forces with Ulf the White. They also took their dragons with them following the events at Tumbleton.

During the Second Battle of Tumbleton, Hugh was fatally wounded by Jon Roxton, a member of the Caltrops. As a result, Vermithor, who was once again without a rider, began rampaging and attacking any nearby targets.

In a three-way battle, the dragon was ultimately caught between Seasmoke, ridden by Adam, the legitimized bastard of Corlys Velaryon, and Tessarion, the dragon of Daeron Targaryen. The fierce beasts engaged in a fight to the death.

Following the devastation, it is reported that Silverwing, the dragon belonging to Ulf, arrived to survey the casualties of her fellow kind and attempted to “nudge Vermithor’s wing three times with her snout, as if attempting to revive him and make him take flight once more.”

This pivotal moment serves as a stark reminder of the immense loss of life during the Dance of the Dragons, and many fans are eagerly anticipating its depiction on the small screen.

One Reddit user wrote, “Out of all dragon scenes, besides major ones like the Dragonpit, this is what I want to see.”They were referring to the friendship between the characters, which is what the user wants to see.

One other fan expressed, “It will be incredibly difficult to witness these enormous, magnificent creatures meet their demise. It will undoubtedly feel extremely wrong and disheartening. Considering the dragons’ immense size and age, it gives the impression that they will always exist and are invincible. Their death would be devastating.”

A third viewer encapsulated the collective sentiment towards witnessing the Targaryen’s most significant legacies destroy each other, stating, “The demise of dragons will be more devastating than any human death.”

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