House of the Dragon: Possible Game of Thrones Connection at Harrenhal

It is possible that House of the Dragon contains a significant link to Game of Thrones in one of its Harrenhal scenes.

The attention of everyone has now shifted towards the dragon conflict following the release of House of the Dragon Season 2 Episode 4. However, a brief moment in the narrative may hold a significant connection to Game of Thrones.

Despite the ongoing conflict between the Greens and Blacks for the Iron Throne, Daemon Targaryen is currently residing at Harrenhal and grappling with visions of his past misdeeds. These visions even include a surprising appearance by Milly Alcock.

Despite its brevity, the scene between Alys Rivers and Daemon in “Game of Thrones”could potentially have a significant connection to the larger plot, as the witch of Harrenhal may have reintroduced the concept of weirwood paste to viewers.


Upon his arrival at Harrenhal, Daemon was disappointed to find little strategic opposition, as he prided himself on being a true warrior.

After some time, he encountered Alys Rivers, the illegitimate daughter of Lord Lyonel Strong. Alys resided in the castle and was known for her witchcraft.

Alys verifies in Episode 4 that Daemon’s visions may be a result of sleeping on the wood of a weirwood tree, which lacks the concept of time and grants the ability to see into the past and present primarily to greenseers.

Despite his previous visions, Daemon is unable to sleep. As a solution, Alys offers him a mysterious potion believed to aid in achieving restful sleep.

Despite some people believing she was providing him with a sleep aid, Alys may have actually been giving Daemon a concoction made from weirwood paste and its seeds.

In Game of Thrones, this combination was only witnessed once by fans when Bran Stark consumed the same paste in order to become the Three-Eyed Raven.

Upon ingesting the mixture, Bran acquired abilities akin to those of a god, allowing him to journey through time and space, occasionally glimpsing into the future.

Despite not having the same magical abilities as Bran, Daemon could have been given the same paste by Alys in order to hold the Rogue Prince accountable for the choices he made in life.

The concoction provided him with further visions, this time featuring Ser Simon Strong, Ser William Blackwood, and his late wife, Laena Velaryon.

Although the outcome of the Dance of Dragons may not be favorable for him, Dameon’s time at Harrenhal could serve as the show’s means of helping the character find inner peace with his choices.

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