House of the Dragon recast memorable Season 1 character and nobody noticed

One character that viewers won’t forget from House of the Dragon Season 1 was replaced for Season 2, but it went unnoticed by most.

The first season of House of the Dragon brought to light a plethora of remarkable characters, including the bold Rhaenyra and the alluring yet perilous Daemon.

Despite being a minor player, Criston Cole managed to steal the spotlight (whether for better or worse, in his case), leading many to believe that the original cast, both major and minor, would make a comeback for Season 2.

During Season 2 Episode 4, it was revealed that one of the minor characters from Season 1, who had left a lasting impression, had been recast. This was brought to light by a fan on the show’s subreddit.

Nobody’s talking about Willem Blackwood! GLOWUP! byu/Bd-cat inHouseOfTheDragon

In Season 1 Episode 4 ‘King of the Narrow Sea,’ viewers were introduced to Willem Blackwood (Alfie Todd). He was among the numerous suitors who journeyed to Storm’s End to ask for Rhaenyra Targaryen’s hand in marriage, despite their significant age difference.

Although Rhaenyra appeared to show preference towards Jerrel Bracken, an older suitor, instead of Willem, this deeply wounded the young lord. The animosity between the Blackwoods and the Brackens, which has spanned multiple generations, only added to his hurt.

The two lords became embroiled in a heated argument that culminated in Willem fatally stabbing Jerrel in the stomach. As the altercation ensued, Rhaenyra departed and the whereabouts of the Blackwood boy remained unknown.

In the fourth episode of the second season, Willem (now portrayed by Jack Parry-Jones) made a comeback after being called upon by Daemon to convene at Harrenhal and discuss House Blackwood’s potential aid in the war against the Greens.

Despite being introduced by name, some viewers were unsure of who Willem was due to being portrayed by a much younger actor in Season 1.

“A fan commented under the Reddit post, expressing their gratitude for clarifying the identity of the person in question.”

Upon reading the comment, it was clear that the viewer did not recognize the boy from Season 1. However, they were quick to point out that he has grown into a handsome young man.

A third fan praised the decision to cast Parry-Jones in the role, commenting that he bears a strong resemblance to the younger actor and could convincingly portray an older version of him.

Willem, now a knight in Season 2, has taken on the role of regent for Lord Blackwood, as the rightful heir, Benjicot Blackwood, is still too young to assume the position.

Due to his past with Rhaenyra and recent control of the Blackwood army, Willem made a commitment to support Team Black. However, he made this decision on the condition that Daemon and his dragon Caraxes would aid in resolving the conflict with House Bracken permanently.

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