House of the Dragons Fans Traumatized by “Disgusting” Image in Episode 5 Trailer

Following the intense events of Episode 4, viewers of House of the Dragon are already horrified by the disturbing image teased in Episode 5.

The upcoming episode of House of the Dragon will delve into the consequences of the Battle of Rook’s Rest, as Aegon suffers from serious injuries and Rhaenys tragically loses her life.

It appears that Episode 5 will feature one of the most heartbreaking moments from the source material for House of the Dragon: the display of Meleys’ (Rhaenys’ dragon) decapitated head in King’s Landing.

Despite the emotional trauma endured by viewers after Meleys’ death in Season 2 Episode 4, the sight of her head being paraded through a crowd in the promo has caused disgust for many.

“One X/Twitter user commented that displaying the decapitated head of everything the house Targaryen symbolizes is truly sickening.”

The connection between Rhaenys and her dragon was a powerful one. It is evident that witnessing the dragon being mistreated like this is overwhelming for numerous viewers of House of the Dragon.

Another individual commented, “This is truly repulsive. The symbol of House Targaryen is a dragon. How can someone claim to be a Targaryen while parading a deceased dragon through the streets under their banner?”

“Even Maegor The Cruel did not dare disrespect dragons in such a manner. Dragons are the pride and strength of House Targaryen. That is precisely why the members of Team Green, including the Hightowers, are known to be ruthless.”

According to the reactions of fans, the greatest insult stems from the lack of foresight displayed by Team Green. Their excessive pride in their victory has prevented them from considering the potential consequences of showcasing a deceased dragon, which could ultimately tarnish their reputation.

One person, in response to the situation, commented that choosing to involve a dragon in this situation despite it being the biggest strength of House Targaryen, displays the foolishness of their team. This decision essentially reveals that their dragons are not unbeatable and neither are they.

“Dragons are seen as a representation of their power. However, by displaying dragons in such a way, it is revealing that even house Targaryen is not invincible. This could ultimately result in the pit being stormed. Unfortunately, it seems that not everyone is capable of understanding this,”added another.

The complete scene will be viewable when Episode 5 is broadcasted on July 14.

Until that time, discover the reason why House of the Dragon has yet to introduce the most amazing character from Fire & Blood.

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