How BabyMonster Became the ‘Live Performance Masters’

BabyMonster, the newest group under YG Entertainment, has certainly lived up to their nickname of ‘monster rookies.’ With the backing of YG and being the sister group to BLACKPINK, there was already high anticipation for their debut. However, it is their undeniable talent that truly solidifies their title as ‘monster rookies.’ From their first performance, they captured the hearts of fans worldwide with their exceptional skills. In a time where some idols face criticism for their stage presence, BabyMonster has proven themselves as the rising stars of the 5th generation, gaining recognition and praise for their impressive abilities.


BabyMonster made their debut in April last year with their first mini-album, ‘BABYMONS7ER.’ Despite not officially debuting yet, they gained a considerable following among K-pop fans globally, not just in their home country, thanks to their affiliation with YG Entertainment and BLACKPINK as their sister group.

Despite the potential burden, BabyMonster immediately stood out. YG highlighted the members’ charms in their debut reality show and showcased their talents on the main stage. They made it clear that the group’s attention was not solely due to their relation to BLACKPINK, but rather their strong skills. The group’s immense potential was evident through their star quality, vocal abilities, rap skills, and impressive performances.

The arrival of this gifted newcomer was met with enthusiasm from K-pop enthusiasts. BabyMonster garnered acclaim for their exceptional musical skills during their debut promotions, impressing audiences with every stage performance. Their YouTube channel’s ‘It’s Live’ series also garnered a tremendous response. Their captivating vocal tones, dynamic singing, and fierce rapping were deemed a perfect blend, earning them new monikers such as ‘Live Master’ and ‘Live Legend’ instead of simply being known as ‘BLACKPINK’s sister group.’


Despite being rookies, BabyMonster’s use of handheld microphones during their debut garnered much attention. Not only did they flawlessly perform with the mics, but they also delivered stable vocals and impactful raps. Their impressive high notes and overwhelming stage presence were enough to draw admiration. This use of handheld mics further demonstrated their confidence in their skills and showcased BabyMonster as a fully prepared rookie group.

Therefore, it is a common observation among fans that each member of BabyMonster excels as the main vocalist, main rapper, and main dancer. Unlike most idol groups that assign one main position for each role, the members of BabyMonster possess such exceptional talent that they are all recognized as main vocalists, rappers, and dancers. This assessment holds even greater significance as BabyMonster has consistently showcased it through their performances.

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