How insane takes start: Dragon Ball fan in hot waters for criticising Ufotable

Despite the progress made in anime animation and animation styles over the last decade, Dragon Ball fans have consistently praised the original Dragon Ball Z series for its exceptional character movement and choreography.

Despite the distinct grainy and grounded style of animation in older anime, which emphasized character movement and the interactions between characters and their environment, there has been a recent shift towards “flashy and good”animation that places more emphasis on post-production effects. As a result, fans of Dragon Ball have noticed a significant change in the definition of what constitutes “good animation.”

Dragon Ball Fans Criticize Demon Slayer’s Animation for Overuse of Particle Effects

Ufotable is known for its exceptional animation quality and has a strong track record in this area, thanks to their work on numerous installments of the Fate series. Their recent anime, Demon Slayer, has gained immense popularity, with its animation being a standout feature that sets it apart from other shows.

A Dragon Ball fan recently voiced their opinion on Ufotable’s animation in Demon Slayer, stating that it heavily relies on filters and particle effects to enhance the animation rather than prioritizing choreography and linework. The fan also pointed out that many people on social media judge the animation solely based on the abundance of particle effects displayed on the screen.

Fan’s Reactions to the Claim

A fan used this moment to point out the possibility of starting with a similar intention, which can lead to completely unhinged and distasteful takes. The same fan also brought up the idea that the initial comment could potentially spark unnecessary criticism of Demon Slayer’s animation.

One fan also observed that the animation has greatly evolved over the years, making it increasingly challenging to come across scenes where the focus is on action rather than the abundance of particle effects and post-processing.

“I miss the era where everything is drawn and we can see the actions,”one fan wrote.

Tanjiro as shown in the anime (Image via Studio Ufotable)
Tanjiro as shown in the anime (Image via Studio Ufotable)

One fan pointed out that those who brush off criticism of Demon Slayer by simply saying it’s still enjoyable to watch are contributing to the problem. The fan argued that these individuals should acknowledge that they place little importance on animation and its quality.

“The worst part is that people go “StOp SaYiNg ThIs, I’m StIlL hAvInG fUn!!!”It’s like, sure, but it just tells me you don’t actually care that much about the art of animation, or don’t know actually quality.”another fan mentioned.

According to one fan, Ufotable heavily relies on special effects to enhance the quality of its animation. The fan also noted that the excessive use of effects may not be essential in creating a visually appealing anime.

“Not even trying to hate but I don’t think ufotable is ever beating the “jingling keys” allegations you don’t need 20 billion blinding special effects to make a scene look good,”one fan wrote.

Despite the ongoing discussion about the animation and special effects quality, it is crucial to recognize that Demon Slayer still contains scenes with well-executed fight choreography.

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