How Long to Beat Chained Together? Fastest Speedrun Records

To emerge victorious in Chained Together, one must reach the Summit and escape the depths of hell. This can be accomplished either solo or with a group of friends, the latter being more challenging but also more enjoyable.

To determine the amount of time you and your friends may spend playing the popular co-op game, Chained Together, take a look at the completion times and quickest speedrun records achieved thus far.

Chained Together Time Duration

Monster in Chained Together
Anegar Games

Chained Together supports local co-op too.

According to streamers, it takes anywhere from 3 to 8 hours to complete Chained Together. The length of the game largely depends on the coordination and climbing skills of you and your team, as well as the difficulty level and the decision to keep the chains Opened or Locked, which heavily influence the completion time.

With a well-coordinated team, it is possible to complete Chained Together in 3-5 hours. However, completing the Summit in Lava mode may be faster as you must constantly stay above the lava, leaving no room for mistakes.

Fastest speedrun times

According to, User Suitchi7 currently holds the record for completing Chained Together with the fastest time of 1 hour 8 minutes and 48 seconds. This impressive feat was achieved while playing Solo and was live streamed on Twitch.

Below are the current top five fastest speedrun times for Chained Together:

  1. Suitchi 7 – 1:48:08 (Hours, minutes, seconds)
  2. zachderize – 1:09:07
  3. tikyjr – 1:11:13
  4. cysse – 1:13:38
  5. Knon_TTV – 1:20:19

One can safely assume that the mentioned fastest speedrun times will be altered as more speedrunners have access to Chained Together. We will make sure to keep this space updated accordingly.

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