How many people play Content Warning? April 2024 player count

The Internet has been buzzing about Content Warning, and if you’re curious about the number of people trying it out, here are the current player count statistics.

In order to succeed on SpookTube, players must rise to the challenge and create viral content featuring terrifying monsters. Landfall Games has made their horror co-op available for free for a limited time, resulting in a surge of enthusiastic players from all over the globe who are thoroughly enjoying the game.

That being said, if you’re curious about the number of players currently engaging with Content Warning, here are its statistics.

Projected Player Count in April 2024

According to SteamDB, as of writing, Content Warning has reached a concurrent player peak of 202,836 users. The game, which was released for free on April 1, 2024, has gained immense popularity on the internet for its unique take on co-op horror games.

Landfall Games has also verified that the game has been claimed by over 4.5 million individuals, indicating that Content Warning could potentially set a new record for concurrent players in the near future.

Please remember that Content Warning was recently released, so the number of players may fluctuate. We will keep you informed as any changes occur.

That covers all the information regarding the number of players in Content Warning.

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