How to Complete Alone in the Dark Quest in Destiny 2: The Final Shape

The Alone in the Dark questline holds significant importance in Destiny 2’s The Final Shape, as it must be completed multiple times to unlock various rewards. Here is a guide on how to finish the quest and what rewards can be obtained.

The Pale Heart in Destiny 2 was greatly expanded upon by The Final Shape, adding a plethora of fresh content, collectables, and missions to discover. Among the notable additions is Alone in the Dark, a crucial quest that may require multiple completions to fully explore all it has to offer.

How to Unlock Alone in the Dark in Destiny 2: The Final Shape

To access Alone in the Dark in Destiny 2, it is necessary to speak with Micah-10 once the campaign has been finished.

Once you have completed both the campaign and follow-up quest, proceed to Micah-10’s Conduit located in The Lost City. This is where you can begin her quest chain, “The Message.” Upon finishing this questline, you will gain access to “Alone in the Dark.”

Destiny 2: How to Complete Alone in the Dark in The Final Shape

To finish Alone in the Dark in Destiny 2, you must locate the wounded Ghost, open Overthrow Chests, and eliminate a Cyst.

It should be noted that Alone in the Dark can be completed multiple times and each time will result in a different reward. Here are the steps to follow for each playthrough:

Find the injured Ghost

Your primary goal is to locate an injured Ghost. Its position will be indicated on your map and it is likely to be found within a Lost Sector.

After reaching the marker, be on the lookout for a vibrant orange glow, as this is the Ghost that you are seeking.

Injured Ghost in Alone in the Dark questline Destiny 2

The Ghost will have a glowing orange hue.

Open Overthrow Chests

To begin, you will have to participate in the Overthrow Activity and unlock Overthrow Chests. Each completed encounter will trigger the appearance of a chest that you can open. The level of the encounter will determine the amount of progress you will achieve.

  • Tier 1: 15% per chest
  • Tier 2: 30% per chest
  • Tier 3: 45% per chest

To successfully finish an Overthrow encounter, you must complete various tasks within the event area. This includes defeating enemies, opening chests, and completing any other activities that contribute to your progress. When you have reached full progress, a final boss will appear.

Defeating the final boss in the Overthrow Activity is not necessary, as long as you make sufficient progress and open enough chests to complete your quest step.

Clear the Cyst

After opening a sufficient number of Overthrow Chests, a new waypoint will appear on your map. This waypoint will lead you to a bird formed of Pure Light. Your task is simply to follow the bird. In case you lose your way, a marker will appear at its current location after a short time.

Alone in the Dark Vision of Light in Destiny 2

You’ll need to find a bird made of light and follow it to the cave.

The bird will guide you to a cave that is currently inaccessible due to Hive Runes blocking the entrance. To gain access, search the surrounding area for Hive Runes and shoot them in the same sequence as the lock’s Runes.

After completing this task, proceed into the cave and eliminate any enemies present. Each time you play Alone in the Dark, you will encounter a new cave with its own unique challenges.

Cyst Location Objective
Sword Dance The Refraction Defeat three Hive Guardians using a Hive sword.
Searing Light The Seclusion Break three crystals while avoiding the Watcher’s heat gaze, then beat the Awoken Hive Knight.
Aerial Ace The Transgression Destroy the Taken Blights and defeat the Taken Wizard without touching the lava.
Moth-Infested Cavern The Landing Clear out the cavern of Lucent Moths and defeat two Hive Guardians.
Slayer The Blooming Kill the Hive Guardians, then use the orbs to bring down the Ogre’s shield.
Smothering Kindness The Impasse Destroy the Taken Blights without jump or sprint, then defeat the boss.

Return to Micah-10

After successfully clearing the Cyst, you can bring the restored Ghost back to Micah-10. Speak to her to complete the quest.

Alone in The Dark Quest Rewards

Each time you complete Alone in the Dark in Destiny 2, you receive a different weapon from the Pale Heart loot pool and a boost to your Ghost Reputation.

Crucially, however, this expedition serves as the main source for the Lost Encryption Bits required to access the Legendary Khvostov Auto Rifle. These valuable pieces can mostly be obtained in the Cyst Caves, where you can also come across Vestiges of Light that unlock Memories of Light, and ultimately Prismatic Fragments.

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