How to Defeat Leader Cliff in Pokemon Go: July 2024 Cliff Counters & Weaknesses

In Pokemon Go, Cliff is a formidable opponent who presents a great challenge. To assist you in defeating him, we have gathered all the necessary information, such as his team, vulnerabilities, and the most successful strategies as of July 2024.

Collecting the Mysterious Components from all six Team Go Rocket Grunts in Pokemon Go will allow you to craft a Rocket Radar. This advanced device allows you to challenge one of the notorious Team Go Rocket Leaders: Cliff, Arlo, or Sierra.

However, don’t be deceived. These are not your average PokeStop-dwelling Team Go Rocket Grunts. These formidable leaders are powerful adversaries, and their team composition is kept secret until you enter the battle.

Table of Contents

  1. Cliff Pokemon Go lineup (July 2024)
  2. How to beat Cliff in Pokemon Go
  3. Phase 1
  4. Phase 2
  5. Phase 3
  6. Best team to defeat Cliff
  7. How to beat Team Rocket Leaders
Team GO Rocket in Pokemon GO

Team Go Rocket Leaders put up a good fight in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go Cliff’s Team (July 2024)

Trainers of Pokemon Go have long been plagued by the infamous Team Go Rocket Leader Cliff, and this month is no exception. In May, he will unleash a Shadow Machop, followed by any two out of six possible Pokemon in his arsenal.

Cliff’s current lineup in Pokemon Go is as follows:

  • Phase 1: Machop
  • Phase 2: Kingdra / Aerodactyl / Gallade
  • Phase 3: Cradily / Crobat / Tyranitar

Cliff’s roster consistently varies during any Team Go Rocket Takeover. Although we are unsure of the next event, this page will be promptly updated once it takes place.

Tips for Defeating Cliff in Pokemon Go

To defeat Cliff, it is important to have a diverse team of Pokemon with different types to cover all possibilities in battle. In the guide provided below, we have included a combination of both rare and easily obtainable counters, so that all Trainers have a fair chance of defeating him.

Let’s examine the vulnerabilities of Cliff’s potential battle Pokemon and the most effective counter strategies to secure victory!

Phase 1: Cliff’s Pokemon Go Counters

Cliff will never start with any Pokémon other than Machop.

Aerodactyl Counters

Machop artwork with a Pokemon Go background

Machop is vulnerable to Psychic, Fairy, and Flying-type attacks due to its Fighting typing. However, it has a resistance against Rock, Bug, and Dark-type moves.

Some of the most effective counters for Machop are listed below:

Machop Counters
Shadow Mewtwo Confusion & Psystrike
Rayquaza Air Slash & Hurricane
Calyrex (Shadow Rider) Confusion & Psychic
Mega Alakazam Psycho Cut & Psychic
Shadow Weavile

Ice Shard & Avalanche

Shadow Exeggutor

Confusion & Psychic

Shadow Gardevoir

Confusion & Synchronise

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Phase 2 of Cliff’s Pokemon Go Counters

Counter Strategies for Aerodactyl

Aerodactyl, a Pokemon with dual Rock/Flying typing, is vulnerable to moves of Rock, Electric, Water, Ice, and Steel types, while it has resistance against Ground, Normal, Bug, Poison, Flying, and Fire attacks.

Some of the top Aerodactyl counters to utilize are:

Aerodactyl Counters
Primal Kyogre Waterfall & Origin Pulse
Shadow Metagross Bullet Punch & Meteor Mash
Mega Swampert Water Gun & Hydro Cannon
Shadow Rampardos Smack Down & Rock Slide
Mega Blastoise Water Gun & Hydro Cannon
Shadow Rhyperior Smack Down & Rock Wrecker

Strategies to defeat Kingdra

Kingdra, a Water/Dragon-type Pokemon, is vulnerable to Dragon and Fairy-type attacks, but has resistance against Water and Fire-type attacks.

Below are a few of the top counters for Kingdra:

Kingdra Counters
Mega Rayquaza Dragon Tail & Breaking Swipe
Mega Garchomp Dragon Tail & Outrage
Palkia Dragon Tail & Draco Meteor
Mega Salamence Dragon Tail & Outrage
Mega Gardevoir Charm & Dazzling Gleam
Haxorus Dragon Tail & Breaking Swipe

Gallade counters

Gallade, a Psychic/Fighting-type Pokemon, is vulnerable to Fairy, Flying, and Ghost-type attacks, but has a resistance to Fighting and Rock-type attacks.

Some of the most effective counters to use against Gallade are listed below:

Gallade Counters
Gengar Shadow Claw & Shadow Ball
Chandelure Hex & Shadow Ball
Staraptor Wing Attack & Brave Bird
Honchkrow Peck & Brave Bird
Gardevoir Charm & Dazzling Gleam
Togekiss Charm & Dazzling Gleam

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Phase 3: Cliff’s Pokemon Go Counters

Cradily Counters

Cradily, being a dual Rock/Grass-type Pokemon, is vulnerable to Fighting, Bug, Ice, and Steel-type attacks, while it possesses resistance against Normal and Electric attacks.

Some of the most effective ways to counter Cradily are listed below:

Cradily Counters
Shadow Metagross Bullet Punch & Meteor Mash
Mega Blaziken Counter & Focus Blast
Terrakion Double Kick & Sacred Sword
Shadow Mamoswine Powder Snow & Avalanche
Keldeo Low Kick & Sacred Sword
Lucario Counter & Aura Sphere

Mamoswine Counters

Crobat, a dual Poison/Flying-type Pokemon, has a weakness against Psychic, Electric, Rock, and Ice-type attacks. On the other hand, it is resistant to Poison, Grass, Fighting, and Bug-type moves, and is immune to Ground-type attacks.

These are a few of the top Crobat counters to consider for your team:

Crobat Counters
Shadow Mewtwo Confusion & Psystrike
Mega Alakazam Confusion & Psychic
Shadow Rampardos Smack Down & Rock Slide
Mega Latins Zen Headbutt & Psychic
Gallade Confusion & Psychic
Gardevoir Confusion & Psychic

How to Defeat Tyranitar: Strategies and Tips

Tyranitar, being a Dark/Rock-type Pokemon, has weaknesses against Bug, Fairy, Fighting, Grass, Ground, Steel, and Water-type attacks.

Below are a few recommended counters to use against Tyranitar:

Tyranitar Counters

Counter & Dynamic Punch


Counter & Aura Sphere


Counter & Dynamic Punch


Counter & Focus Blast


Counter & Dynamic Punch


Razor Leaf & Leaf Blade

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Recommended Team to Defeat Cliff in Pokemon Go

Haxorus, Lucario, and Metagross are considered to be one of the top teams capable of defeating Cliff’s current lineup in Pokemon Go.

Having Metagross on your team is crucial as it can effectively counter multiple Pokémon on Cliff’s team.

Keep in mind that you can continuously challenge Cliff if you are unsuccessful in defeating him. This is beneficial if he uses unexpected strategies, as it allows you to adjust your team before facing him again.

Tips for Defeating Team Go Rocket Leaders in Pokemon Go

In conclusion, that is everything you need to know about how to defeat Cliff in Pokemon Go and the most effective counters to use, taking into account their weaknesses, in July 2024.

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