How to Disable TikTok Watch History

TikTok has the option for users to save and monitor their viewing history, but it can be disabled if desired.

If you happen to want to watch a TikTok video again that you saw earlier but didn’t save, or perhaps you unintentionally refreshed the page and lost the video you were viewing, don’t worry. Thankfully, TikTok has the capability to save your viewing history for a week as long as the feature is enabled.

Nevertheless, if you choose not to have your watch history recorded for any reason, you can disable this feature in the settings. Here’s how to do it.

TikTok logo on a phone
Unsplash: Olivier Bergeron

TikTok has a practically endless amount of content to consume.

How to turn off TikTok watch history

Disabling your watch history on TikTok is a simple process, and you can always re-enable it whenever you want. Just follow these steps:

  1. Access TikTok by opening it.
  2. Select your profile located in the bottom right corner.
  3. Tap on the three lines at the top of the page, then select ‘Settings and privacy.’
  4. Scroll down to ‘Watch history’ under ‘Content & Activity.’
  5. In the section labeled ‘Watch history,’ click on the settings button located in the upper right corner.
  6. To turn off your viewing history, toggle the button next to ‘Watch history’ to the off position. You can also erase your current history by selecting ‘Clear history’.

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