How to Find Your ‘Celebrity Height Twin’ Using the Viral TikTok Filter

The latest viral trend on TikTok involves users discovering their ‘celebrity height twin’ with the help of a new filter. Interested in finding yours? Follow these steps to locate and utilize it.

The current TikTok craze dominating the popular app involves users sharing a video where they appear on screen with text displaying the message, “I am not interested in knowing which celebrity shares my height.”

Despite the on-screen instructions, these videos then transition to users inputting their height into a filter, which ultimately reveals the celebrity they resemble the most.

Many were shocked by the final result, which revealed surprising height similarities between Hollywood stars and TikTok users. Some were surprised to learn that they share the same height as celebrities such as Harry Styles and Snooki. To find out your own ‘celebrity height twin’, continue reading.


This filter tells you your celebrity height twin foryou filter height


How to Discover Your ‘Celebrity Height Twin’ on TikTok

To discover your ‘celebrity height twin’ on TikTok, just follow these steps:

  1. Access the TikTok application.
  2. Navigate to the camera and select the effects button.
  3. Look for the effect “CELEBRITY HEIGHTS”created by ‘rubywermfilters’ on TikTok.
  4. Please choose the filter and enter your height using the Imperial system of measurement.
  5. Upon pressing the green confirm button, you will be able to see your celebrity height twin revealed underneath.

If you wish to join the current trend and post your results on TikTok, first record a short clip before taking the test with the previously mentioned text overlay. Next, record yourself entering your height on the filter and showing your final result and reaction.

While you have the freedom to add any song to your video, the most commonly used one for the trend is Chiquitita by ABBA.

This is simply the most recent filter to gain popularity on TikTok, following other successful trends this year where users had a good time using the Teenage and Bridgerton filters.

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