How to get Tynamo in Pokemon Go: Evolutions & can it be shiny?

Even when it’s not updating the Pokedex with new species, Pokemon Go consistently offers trainers new challenges, Raids, and other activities. These special events present players with the opportunity to catch rare species that are not typically available.

Therefore, if you are trying to obtain Tynamo in Pokemon Go, here is a guide on how to capture it, including information on its shiny form and evolutions.

Steps to catch Tynamo in Pokemon Go

In Pokemon Go, there are currently two ways to obtain Tynamo.

  • Capturing it in its natural habitat.
  • During the Sizeable Surprises event, the Field Research task ‘Catch 5 Pokemon’ must be completed.

During the event, Tynamo’s spawns are increased and the EleFish Pokemon is typically highlighted in electricity-themed events as well, so be sure to remember that.

Tynamo in Pokemon anime
The Pokemon Company

Tynamo is so tiny it can be hard to spot in Pokemon Go.

Is Shiny Tynamo Available in Pokemon Go?

Unfortunately, shiny Tynamo is not currently available in Pokemon Go. As a result, its evolutionary line cannot be obtained in shiny form either.

We will ensure that this section is updated when the shiny version of Tynamo is released in the mobile game.

Evolving Tynamo into Electricity and Electricity in Pokemon Go

In Pokemon Go, it is possible for players to evolve Tynamo into Eelektrik by using 25 Candy, and then evolve Eelektrik into Eelektross by spending 100 Candy and obtaining a Unova Stone.

Obtaining a Unova Stone is possible by opening the Research Breakthrough box after completing seven days of Field Research tasks, although it is not a guaranteed reward. Additionally, participating in the Go Battle League may also result in receiving a Unova Stone, so it is important to remain vigilant.

So, there you have it! Those are all the necessary steps to successfully catch Tynamo in Pokemon Go.

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