How to Obtain and Improve Science Journal in MW3 Zombies

In order to open the new Dark Aether Rift introduced in Season 3: Reloaded for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, players must obtain four relics, one of which is the Science Journal. Here are the steps to acquiring and upgrading the Science Journal in MW3 Zombies.

How to Obtain a Science Journal in MW3 Zombies

MW3 Zombies Science Journal
Screenshot by Prima Games

MW3 Zombies players can acquire the Science Journal relic by eliminating 50 zombies within the Aether Storm once they have completed the Act 4 Union mission. The Aether Storm, marked by a purple circle with a radiation symbol on the map, is where the Stormcaller boss can be found.

To succeed, players must eliminate zombies within the circle while the Stormcaller itself does not need to be vanquished. This requires the use of a gas mask to withstand the hazardous environment, as well as a level two or three Pack-a-Punched weapon to take on the more resilient zombies.

It is recommended to acquire this relic while the storm is in the neutral Tier 1 zone, as it will summon Tier 2 zombies. In the orange or red zones, the zombies will have a higher difficulty level. After eliminating 50 storm zombies, a Reward Rift will appear, containing the coveted purple Science Journal.

Steps for Upgrading Science Journal in MW3 Zombies

MW3 Zombies Science Journal triangle
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The purple Science Journal can be enhanced to gold rarity by completing the new Tier 3 Easter egg. Within the red zone at coordinates E4, near the rift itself, there will be a purple triangle marked on the ground.

Stand on the triangle and observe your surroundings for three purple runes that are suspended on buildings and structures in the vicinity. Fire at the three purple runes to activate the triangle and trigger distorted lines to materialize on buildings directly north of your location.

MW3 Zombies Science Journal summon
Screenshot by Prima Games

Perch on the archway above the plaza and align the uneven lines until they form a perfect triangle. This will trigger the activation of the newly created shape and a ring will materialize around you with a prompt to Perform the Summoning.

In order to obtain the gold Science Journal, use the Summoning ability to eliminate zombies inside the ring until an overpowered Hellhound emerges. Conquer the boss Hellhound to obtain the Reward Rift.

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