How to Obtain Moon Dust in Hades 2

Moon Dust is a valuable resource located deep within the game of Hades 2, and players will not be able to obtain it until they have purchased a certain upgrade. This resource is essential for enhancing the strength of Melinoë, so the following explains how to acquire Moon Dust in Hades 2.

Tips for Collecting Moon Dust in Hades 2

Hades 2 Moon Dust
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To obtain Moon Dust in Hades 2, players must first acquire the Consecration of Ashes Incantation by buying it from the Caldron. This recipe will require six Fate Fabric, six Ash, and one Cinder.

The spell will provide players with an initial amount of three Moon Dust. There are also alternative methods to obtain more, such as purchasing it from the Wretched Broker for 80 Bones each.

Another option is to create it using the Cauldron in the Moonlit Essence recipes. Both recipes are similar, with one calling for Cinder and Shadow and the other requiring Star Dust obtained through Chaos Trials.

The last option for obtaining Moon Dust is through Charon, another merchant in the game. Charon’s shop offers a Gold Rewards chest that contains eight Moon Dust for four Obol Points. Players can earn an Obol Point every time they spend 1,000 coins at Charon’s shop during runs. It is also possible to find Moon Dust in Charon’s shop during a run, but this is a random occurrence and not a reliable method.

How to Use Moon Dust in Hades 2

Hades 2 Insights
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To enhance your Arcana cards and increase their power in Hades 2, players can utilize Moon Dust at the Altar of Ashes. These Insights can only be obtained after crafting the Consecration of Ashes Incantation.

For instance, utilizing two Moon Dust to purchase The Titan Arcana card will further boost your health and magic. This will prove advantageous in the more challenging levels once you have upgraded your Grasp and can equip multiple Arcana cards, allowing you to accumulate bonuses.

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