How to Obtain the Speaker’s Sight Exotic in Destiny 2

If you’re a Destiny 2 player who also played Destiny 1, you’re likely familiar with The Speaker. In The Final Shape, Bungie appears to have referenced this forgotten character through a new Warlock Exotic helmet called The Speaker’s Sight.

The Final Shape has introduced a variety of new weapons, armor, and Exotics. As a Warlock, if you have been seeking to acquire this Exotic, we have you covered.

Where Does The Speaker’s Sight Exotic Drop in Destiny 2?

At present, the sole method of obtaining The Speaker’s Sight in Destiny 2 is by decrypting Exotic engrams through The Cryptarch, Master Rahool. Regrettably, for players who have become accustomed to farming Legend and Master Lost Sectors, or even Vex Incursions, these traditional methods are no longer effective for obtaining Exotics in The Final Shape.

Despite his previous role, Master Rahool now serves as a reputation vendor in The Final Shape. By decrypting engrams and progressing through his levels, players can unlock focused decoding. This feature enables Guardians to advance through reputation levels at a much faster pace.

The Exotic Perk of The Speaker’s Sight

Even among the plethora of unique equipment added in The Final Shape expansion, Speaker’s Sight stands out for its simplicity. Its “Restorative Turret” functions similarly to those produced by the Edge of Intent, releasing five waves of healing projectiles over a period of 15 seconds, offering both Restoration and Cure benefits. It is worth noting that this exotic can also be used in combination with healing grenades, making it a valuable tool for Prismatic Warlocks as well.

According to the general consensus within the community, Speaker’s Sight may not be the most suitable option in most scenarios. Although the turret provides a unique aspect, the effectiveness of the standard healing grenade is significant enough for players to prioritize offensive tactics instead.

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