How to Obtain Timeworn Br’aaxskin Treasure Maps in FFXIV Dawntrail

The latest update for Final Fantasy XIV has introduced a multitude of fresh content, including valuable treasure maps that can potentially earn you a fortune in Gil. Read on to learn how you can obtain one for yourself.

The MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV’s Dawntrail, has added a plethora of fresh content. Players can now embark on a new journey with a new storyline, new job options, and new areas to discover, providing ample opportunities for exciting gameplay.

In addition, the new treasure maps are an excellent method for earning a small amount of Gil whenever the treasure portals become available. Are you seeking to acquire some loot for your own use? We have you covered.

How to Obtain Timeworn Br’aaxskin Treasure Maps in Final Fantasy XIV

In Dawntrail zones, level 100 gathering nodes can yield Timeworn Br’aaxskin Treasure Maps. This indicates that players must have a minimum level of 100 in Botanist, Miner, or Fisher to access these nodes.

It cannot be assured that the node will definitely hold a treasure map, thus, you may have to search and collect for some time before obtaining a Timeworn Br’aaxskin map.

It is important to mention that each character can only obtain one map per day and can hold only one in their inventory at a time. Nevertheless, you can decrypt the map, which will transfer it to your key items and enable you to carry two at once.

You also have the option to obtain a Timeworn Br’aaxskin Treasure Map by participating in the weekly Wondrous Tales. Accumulating nine stickers will grant you the opportunity to choose a Br’aaxskin map as a reward, adding another means of obtaining these maps.

Despite this, it is recommended to delay using Br’aaxskin Treasure Maps until a later patch when they will have their own designated treasure dungeon. This dungeon significantly increases the chances of receiving rewards, making the maps much more valuable.

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