How to Play Monopoly Go Peg-E Prize Drop: Schedule & All Rewards

The return of Peg-E Prize Drop can now be found in Monopoly Go, allowing you to feed numerous unruly chips into the dice roller’s version of the Pachinko machine. Below are our tips for playing, as well as the complete schedule for claiming these rewards within the allotted time frame.

Despite being a highly anticipated event in Monopoly Go, Peg-E will not be featured this time around. This is most likely due to the recent release of the Monopoly Games album on June 20, which has taken precedence in the game. Nonetheless, players will still be able to enjoy the exciting mini-game and have a chance to earn the coveted Wild Stickers.

There are still a few interesting things to explore at the event, including some additional appealing incentives.

Monopoly Go Peg-E Prize Drop Schedule

The Monopoly Go Peg-E Prize Drop began on June 29, 2024 and will continue until July 2 at 2:59 PM CDT, 3:59 PM EDT, 12:59 PM PDT, and 8:59 PM BST.

This event is slightly shorter than previous Prize Drop events, which typically span 4 to 5 days. To take full advantage of this event, be sure to join in quickly.

How to play Peg-E Prize Drop

In the Monopoly Go Peg-E Prize Drop game, players must participate in a Pachinko-style mini-game where they release event-specific tokens (chips) from the machine’s top. By pressing one of the five buttons at the top, the cheerful machine will dispense a chip directly beneath the chosen button.

Before settling into one of the slots below, these tokens first rebound off of the obstacles and then reveal a range of cash prizes.

Peg E event in Monopoly Go

It is not clear which law of physics governs the behavior of these chips. However, if they hit one of the bumpers in the machine multiple times before landing, the reward inside will also be obtained.

As you produce more chips, you will receive a greater amount of rewards. The progress bar below will fill accordingly based on your winnings. When it reaches a certain point, you will reach a milestone that will grant various rewards, such as dice rolls and Sticker Packs. This process will repeat for a total of three sets, with the next bar appearing once the first one is filled.

The tokens in this event operate in the same manner as they do in other events, such as Partner Tokens in Partners Events. There is also a multiplier located beside them, which functions similarly to others by increasing both rewards and consumed tokens.

Monopoly Go Peg-E Milestones & Rewards

Peg-E rewards consists of three pages, each corresponding to a specific milestone that must be reached in order to earn them. Below are the details for each page:

Page 1

Milestone Points Prize Drop Rewards
1 600 Cash
2 1,350 x100 Dice
3 2,500 x200 Says
4 4,000 Pink Sticker Pack

Page 2

Milestone Points Prize Drop Rewards
1 2,000 x400 Dice
2 5,000 Blue Sticker Pack
3 11,500 x1,000 Says
4 16,000 Magenta Sticker Pack


Page 3


Milestone Points Prize Drop Rewards
1 4,000 x500 Says
2 9,000 x800 Dice
3 16,000 Magenta Sticker Pack
4 24,000 x1,500 Says

It is clear that you must finish the first page in order to advance to the next one. In total, there are 4,500 Dice, a Pink and Blue Sticker Pack, and two 5-star Magenta Packs.

Tips for Peg-E event in Monopoly Go

Afterwards, discard the token from either the leftmost or rightmost button, depending on which bumper you are targeting. As for which bumper to aim for, choose the one that you have fewer of. If you already have a substantial amount of dice and are trying to obtain Sticker Packs, then prioritize tokens. On the other hand, if you have used up all your dice while collecting a decent number of tokens, focus on getting more dice.

Regardless of your target, drop the chips from the corner closest to it. For example, if you are aiming for Tokens located on the right bumper, drop the chips from the right-most button. Continue dropping them on the right until you have none left.

Obtaining Peg-E Tokens in Monopoly Go

Tokens for the Peg-E Prize Drop can be acquired by participating in Tournaments, as well as through featured solo events such as All You Can Win, Quick Wins, and Free Gifts in the Shop. Additionally, chips can also be found in the bumpers of the Peg-E machines.

To obtain Tokens consistently, prioritize participating in Events and Quick Wins and be sure to review the reward lists for all featured events throughout the day.

With all the provided information, your Peg-E event will be well-organized. Just like any event in Monopoly Go, the role of dice remains crucial. In case you have limited rolls, make sure to utilize the daily dice links.

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