How to quickly get Essence Dust in Nightingale

In Nightingale, Essence Dust is an essential currency that you will need to repair your equipment and purchase items from Essence traders. Here’s how to accumulate them quickly.

As in any survival game, Nightingale is full of resources that you will need to be able to harvest. Becoming self-reliant is one of the first things to establish, but also one of the most important, because without it you would quickly perish.

In Nightingale, after gaining access to food and tools, you will discover that you will need Essence Dust. With this, you will be able to repair and improve your objects, but also buy things from merchants present on your map. It’s not a particularly difficult resource to find, as you can obtain it by extracting it from virtually anything you pick up.

That said, just because it’s easy to obtain doesn’t mean there aren’t tips to make the process easier. Here is the best method to obtain a large amount of Essence Dust at the start of the game.

The best method to farm Essence Dust early in the game in Nightingale

Gasoline Dust in Nightingale
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Seemingly mundane piles of stones can be worth a lot, so don’t ignore them.

While you can get Essence Dust by simply gathering things from the ground like plants and fibers and then extracting them, here is a very efficient way to farm a lot of Essence Dust quickly. All you need is access to stones and a Simple Workbench:

  • Find piles of stones on the ground that turn into Stone (Brute) in your inventory
  • Collect as many as you can
  • Take them back to a Simple Workbench
  • Select “Simple Rock Marble” and craft as many as you can. You’ll get a lot more than you started with.
  • Once done, right-click on the piles of “Simple Rock Marble” in your inventory and click Extract.
  • Single Rock Marbles transform into double Essence. This means you can turn a few (Raw) Stones into a lot more Essence Dust than just picking them up.

That’s all you need to know about the best way to farm Essence Dust. With this, you should be able to purchase blueprints and upgrades that will keep you alive until you have established a solid base in Nightingale.

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