How to Quickly Level Up in Wuthering Waves

In order to increase your Union Level quickly and level up your characters in Wuthering Waves, you will need a significant amount of XP. To achieve this, here are all the actions you can take to earn Union XP.

Just like in Genshin Impact, leveling up your characters is essential in Wuthering Waves to take on more difficult obstacles. Fortunately, Kuro Games’ RPG offers a plethora of methods to earn XP, ensuring that you will always have something to do.

Discover various techniques to quickly advance your Union Level in Wuthering Waves by earning Union XP through different methods.

Tips for Quickly Gaining Union XP in Wuthering Waves

Players of Wuthering Waves can quickly gain Union XP by participating in various in-game activities and completing any type of quest. The following methods are the most efficient ways to level up quickly:

Complete Quests

To efficiently gain XP in Wuthering Waves, it is recommended to complete all main, side, and daily quests. Side and daily quests become available early on in the game, after completing the initial tutorials. As you progress, you will also come across exploration and companion quests that provide Union XP.

Roam the open world

As Wuthering Waves is an open-world game, the most effective method for obtaining XP is through exploration. This will allow you to come across unfamiliar foes, discover concealed riches, acquire various resources, and even encounter powerful bosses. You can also uncover unique challenges and collect fresh Echoes by exploring. We suggest taking your time to traverse the vast world, particularly during the initial stages of the game.

Jiyan in Wuthering Waves
Kuro Games

Wuthering Waves’ main campaign is the biggest source of XP.

Tacet Fields & Simulation Training

The activities of Tacet Fields and Simulation Trainings allow you to earn experience points for both weapons and characters. However, completing these activities requires the use of Waveplates, so it is not advisable to focus on them during the early stages of the game.

Defeat World Bosses

World Bosses operate in a manner similar to Tacet Fields, requiring the use of Waveplates in exchange for specific Ascension materials. However, if your only goal is to obtain Union XP from the battle, you may bypass spending Waveplates altogether.

Wuthering Waves Union XP & Level explained

In Wuthering Waves, the Union Level indicates the player’s account level in the game, and accumulating Union XP is necessary to increase it.

Players must increase the SOL-3 Phase, the world level, in order to achieve certain milestones. Doing so will enable players to progress further in their Union Level, granting access to a wider range of activities, quests, improved rewards, and more difficult challenges.

To quickly level up in Wuthering Waves, this is all the information you need to know. If any new activities are added to the game, we will update this guide accordingly.

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