How to recreate the Warzone OTS 9 meta with an underrated SMG loadout

The OTS 9 was a highly sought-after weapon in the initial release of Warzone, being introduced in the Black Ops Cold War Season 4 Reloaded update. It is still possible to replicate this gun in the current version of the battle royale.

The OTS 9 quickly gained popularity in Warzone 1 upon its introduction due to its high fire rate and manageable recoil, making it a formidable close-range weapon with a rapid TTK for taking down enemies.

At this stage in MW3’s existence, players of Warzone Season 4 Reloaded have found a method to replicate the beloved SMG using the HRM-9.

Despite undergoing balancing adjustments that caused it to lose popularity as the go-to close-range weapon in previous seasons, the HRM-9 maintains a comparable profile to the OTS 9. It boasts a high fire rate, significant damage range, and minimal recoil, along with clean iron sights. With the recent nerfs to the Superi 46, the HRM-9 is poised to make a comeback as a top choice for close-range combat.

In his July 8 YouTube video, well-known Warzone streamer tcTekk showcased the HRM-9 and provided his build, as well as drawing comparisons to the iconic OTS 9.

The streamer enhanced the SMG’s bullet velocity, mobility, and recoil control by equipping attachments such as the Thorn-90 Barrel, Monolithic Suppressor, XRK Edge BW-4 Handstop, and 9mm High Grain Rounds.

Along with the 50 Round Drum to top it off, these features contribute to the HRM-9’s OTS 9 feel, especially when you have mastered the recoil pattern.

The HRM-9, like the OTS 9, is also proficient at mid-range and boasts reliable damage, further solidifying its resemblance to the OTS 9. The OTS 9 was known for its ability to hold its own at a distance, and the HRM-9 also excels in this aspect.

The HRM-9 is a highly effective weapon on Rebirth Island, just like the OTS 9 was in the original Warzone. Whether you are in need of a replacement for the recently nerfed Superi or simply want to experience some nostalgia, be sure to try out the HRM-9.

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