How to reset skill points in Stellar Blade

Are you worried that you may have made a mistake while upgrading skill trees in Stellar Blade? Don’t worry, we have the solution for you. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to reset your skill points in Stellar Blade.

Skill points play a vital role in the growth of the protagonist in any RPG, and this remains true in Stellar Blade. If you feel unsatisfied with the upgrades you’ve made in the Attack, Beta, or Survival skill trees, don’t lose hope as you have the option to reset them and rectify any mistakes.

Learn how to reset skill points in Stellar Blade.

Stellar Blade: Resetting Your Skill Points

To reset the skill points in Stellar Blade, an SP Initialiser is required. After obtaining the item, navigate to the desired skill tree and hold the Triangle button to initiate the reset. This will refund all skill points and reset the entire skill tree.

Stellar Blade's Beta Skill Tree
Sony | Shift Up

Please be aware that resetting the skill trees is possible at any time, even without the SP Initialiser. However, doing so without this item will result in losing all acquired skill points, therefore it is advised to always have one on hand.

Obtaining the SP Initialiser in Stellar Blade

The SP Initialiser can be acquired in the Stellar Blade demo by either opening a Legion Supply Box or buying it for 200G from Major Supply Camps.

Despite only showcasing these two opportunities in the demo, it is anticipated that upon the official release of the full game on April 26, there will be a plethora of additional methods to acquire it.

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