How to Use a Jam Statue in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3

To begin an Encore Session in Fortnite’s Metallica Quests, you must Jam at a Jam Statue for 5 seconds. This guide will show you how to Jam at these statues and provide the locations of all Jam Statues in Chapter 5 Season 3.

The recent Fortnite update, known as patch 30.10, has introduced the highly anticipated Fortnite Festival Season 4. This season, Epic has chosen the iconic heavy metal band Metallica as its headliners. Similar to the Star Wars collaboration in Season 2, players can participate in various Metallica quests to earn XP and unlock exclusive Metallica-themed cosmetics.

In order to complete the 5 Metallica Encore Quests, you must initiate an Encore Session by jamming for 5 seconds at a Jam Statue. To accomplish this, it is necessary to locate all the Jam Statue spots and familiarize yourself with the process of starting a Jam. Here’s a guide on how to do so.

How to Dance in Fortnite

To begin a Jam in Fortnite, you must first have a Jam Track allocated to your locker. Once the Jam Track has been assigned to your locker, simply enter a Fortnite match to start the Jam.

Fortnite Jam
Epic Games

Below are the steps for jamming in Fortnite:

  1. To access your Emote wheel, simply press the designated key or button.
  2. Visit the Jam Loops section and choose a song and instrument that you prefer.
  3. Once you press the Select key, you will immediately begin playing the song.

How to Play Music at a Jam Statue in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3

To participate in a Jam at a Jam Statue in Fortnite, simply make your way to a Jam Statue location on the Battle Royale map, enter the designated Jam zone, and initiate the Jam by pressing your emote button (B on PC or down on the D-pad for consoles).

Fortnite Jam Statues
Epic Games

The Jam Statue located at the front entrance of the Lavish Lair POI in Chapter 5 Season 3.

In order to successfully complete the Metallica Encore Quest, which requires players to jam at a Jam Statue for 5 seconds to start an Encore Session, it is necessary to continue playing for 5 seconds.

After successfully finishing the quest, a notification will appear in the top left-hand corner and you will be awarded 10,000 XP as your quest completion reward.

Jam Statue Locations in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3

There are 7 locations on the Battle Royale map in Chapter 5 Season 3 where you can find Jam Statues. These statues are primarily located at various POIs scattered across the island, with three also positioned at landmarks in the central area of the Wasteland biome.

Fortnite all Jam Statue locations in Chapter 5 Season 3.
Epic Games

All Jam Statue locations across the Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 map.

The 7 Jam Statue locations in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 are listed below:

  • The Underworld
  • Lavish Lair
  • Pleasant Piazza
  • Mount Olympus
  • Megalo Depot – in between Brutal Beachhead and Redline Rig
  • Pea Bois HQ – southeast of Nitrodome and northeast of Redline Rig
  • The bridge is located east of Sandy Steppes and northeast of Brutal Beachhead.

Despite the ongoing changes and updates to the map, the Wasteland region is expected to retain its popularity throughout Season 3. Therefore, if your goal is to complete one of the Metallica Quests by Jamming at a Jam Statue, it would be more efficient to visit one of the other locations.

Specifically, at this section of the map, Lavish Lair should only encounter a small number of opponents, and its statue is positioned a considerable distance away from the main manor building, at the front entrance.

Therefore, by either eliminating nearby enemies or successfully landing on the statue, you can initiate a Jam Session or Encore Session without interruption and successfully complete the Metallica Quest.

Metallica has recently introduced exclusive Fortnite skins and cosmetics for each member of the band, as well as the Metallica Loot Island and the Ride the Lightning guitar mythic to the Battle Royale mode in Chapter 5 Season 3. Additionally, Epic has revealed plans for a live in-game concert event on June 22 and June 23.

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