HYBE Boy Group Accused of Clear Chart Manipulation: Once Surpassed IU, Now Invisible in Latest Comeback

In January 2024, Pledis Entertainment debuted their first boy group in nine years since SEVENTEEN – TWS. This also marked the first artist to be launched under Pledis after the company was acquired by HYBE. TWS released their debut mini album *Sparking Blue* with the title track *plot twist*.


Despite initially gaining attention for their youthful school concept, eye-catching visuals, and catchy music, the new boy group TWS faced heavy criticism more than five months after their debut due to allegations of chart manipulation.

Despite the fact that the “younger brother of SEVENTEEN”managed to sell 500,000 copies of *Sparking Blue* and their song “plot twist”remained at the top of digital music charts for several months, TWS has not gained the same level of recognition as other rookie groups that debuted this year. This is surprising, considering their impressive accomplishments with their first release.

Despite the fact that the six-member group is still relatively unknown to the public and has a low level of recognition, there have been numerous controversies and suspicions surrounding their achievements, leading to doubts about their true influence.

On June 5, TWS made their comeback with the pre-release single *Hey! Hey!*, which was their first release since their official debut. Despite being the only boy group to reach #1 on MelOn’s 2024 chart, their latest song “Hey! Hey!”is currently not visible on any domestic digital charts. This significant difference from their previous success has caused netizens to speculate that TWS may have engaged in chart manipulation.

TWS’s new release is completely missing from domestic digital charts

In a stunning turn of events, *plot twist* went from being outside MelOn’s top 200 to landing in the top 10 and ultimately surpassing IU’s comeback to claim the #1 spot on MelOn’s Top 100. The group also maintained a strong presence, holding onto the #2 and #3 spots for several weeks.

Surprisingly, even amidst the release of strong songs like LE SSERAFIM’s “Perfect Night”, IU’s EP “The Winning”, and BIBI’s “Bam Yang Gang”, “plot twist”managed to maintain its top positions.

iu thumbnail
TWS once surpassed IU during the same comeback period

Despite facing challenges such as being a lesser-known rookie group without a strong fanbase, TWS’s “plot twist”lived up to its name by surpassing IU in less than two weeks. This unexpected rise in the charts sparked speculation of chart manipulation, as the song was not initially viral.

Despite the passing of time, the song has maintained its position in MelOn’s top 10 and continues to receive high scores. It currently holds the #1 spot on the annual chart and is a strong contender for Song of the Year at upcoming year-end award ceremonies.

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