HYBE Faces Backlash Over Exclusion of NewJeans in ‘Grammy Museum’ Exhibition: ‘Erasure Is Unacceptable’

Ever since HYBE and ADOR’s conflict began, the K-pop community has expressed concern for the future of NewJeans. Netizens and fans have voiced suspicions that the multi-label may have deliberately hindered the group’s success by downplaying their impact.

Despite this, it was brought to attention that the conglomerate has supposedly made another attempt. According to reports on June 9, HYBE is set to have a collaboration with The Grammy Museum, showcasing an exhibition for its K-pop artists.

The project received high praise from Michael Sticka, CEO of the Grammy Museum. He stated, “Our aim with the exhibit is to further enhance the recognition and admiration for the creators and performers of HYBE and its artists, who embody the current and upcoming trends in the global music industry.”

The CEO further recognized HYBE’s role in driving innovation that appeals to individuals of all ages, genders, and locations. They also expressed enthusiasm for the exhibition, which serves as a platform for fans to revel in and express their adoration for K-pop.

Kim Taeho, the Chief Operating Officer of HYBE, stated that the exhibition’s location will allow for the sharing of HYBE’s journey and that fans are encouraged to come and experience the museum.

Despite this, on the social media platform X (Twitter), fans expressed their disappointment with HYBE’s reported exclusion of NewJeans.

  • “Where is NewJeans? WTF.”
  • “HYBE is nothing with NewJeans.”
  • “Leaving off NewJeans is crazy.”
  • “Taking ADOR’s money and still excluding them in everything. It’s weird behavior.”

Despite some arguments that ADOR no longer wanted to be associated with HYBE, others pointed out that this was not the reason behind the situation. Instead, it was believed by some that Min Hee Hin and ADOR’s stance against HYBE was the cause of the issue.

Do you have any thoughts on this? Are you still excited about the exhibit? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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