Hyeri Avoids Questions About Ryu Jun-yeol & Han So-hee Dating Controversy

On June 18th, Hyeri was present at the press conference for Netflix’s entertainment program “Agents of Mystery”held at Hotel Naru Seoul MGallery. When questioned about her former partner Ryu Jun-yeol, the actress attempted to evade the topic.


Hyeri had previously faced controversy surrounding her split from ex-boyfriend Ryu Jun-yeol. When reporters inquired about the situation, Hyeri, who was making her first public appearance in a while, responded, “I thoroughly enjoyed working on ‘Agents of Mystery’. As for the controversy, I have no comments or statements to make. I would appreciate it if you could focus more on ‘Agents of Mystery’.”

“Agents of Mystery”is an adventure mystery show that follows a team of investigators as they solve inexplicable cases. The cast includes Lee Yong-jin, John Park, Lee Eun-ji, Hyeri, Kim Do-hoon, and Karina.

“The debut of “Agents of Mystery”is scheduled for today (June 18th) on Netflix.”

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