HyunA Addresses Backlash for Dating Junhyung: ‘I Don’t Care’ + Harsh Comments Pour After Broadcast

Despite facing immense criticism, HyunA defended her decision to remain in a relationship with Yong Junhyung, who has been accused of being a “sex offender.”

The Reason Behind HyunA’s Decision to Date Yong Junhyung Despite Criticism

On April 18, HyunA made an appearance on the most recent episode of Urban Zakapa’s singer’s YouTube program, “Jo Hyun Ah’s Thursday Night.”

During their conversation on this day, the two stars, who coincidentally share the same name, discussed a range of topics related to their careers. Notably, the former member of 4 Minute also publicly addressed the criticism she has been receiving for dating controversial idol Yong Junhyung, making it the first time she has done so on broadcast.

Hyuna (Photo : INSTAGRAM)

As a quick overview, the couple made their relationship public in January 2024 when they shared a photo of themselves holding hands at the beach.

Despite the backlash, HyunA continued to date former BEAST member Yong Junhyung, who had been accused of being involved in the “Burning Sun”scandal alongside actor Jung Joon Young.

Despite fans immediately reminding the female idol about the controversy and urging her to end the relationship, she chose to continue dating, resulting in HyunA losing over 600k followers on Instagram within a span of 3 months.

HyunA Claims She's Aware of Backlash for Dating Junhyung: 'I Don't Care' + Malicious Comments Pour After Broadcast
(Photo : HyunA (News1))

In the show, HyunA proceeded to discuss her ability to not be influenced by these harmful comments, stating:

“I’m not shaken by small or big malicious comments. Nowadays, I quit Instagram. I rarely use it. I’m really sorry to my fans, my A-ings, but now, I have to do it.”

As the discussion progressed, Jo Hyun Ah unexpectedly posed a question to HyunA:

“Where do you have a date? Don’t you have a place to go? Don’t people look at you so much?”


Upon receiving this, the latter replied:

“I don’t care. That’s why, there was one time when people backed away (after seeing us). I really wanted to go to ‘The Hyundai’ for the first time. There’s a scone which I like. There are new designers’ brands, too. I want to see them.

But guys, be careful. There are too many people. I went there with my boyfriend. I went there and people were like. They saw me… and what I’m thankful for is that they didn’t take pictures of me and they just went away. So that’s when I thought, ‘I don’t think we should be here’ and came out.”

HyunA Claims She's Aware of Backlash for Dating Junhyung: 'I Don't Care' + Malicious Comments Pour After Broadcast
HyunA Claims She’s Aware of Backlash for Dating Junhyung: ‘I Don’t Care’ + Malicious Comments Pour After Broadcast (Photo : News1)

Despite this, HyunA confidently displayed her boyfriend as her phone wallpaper and expressed how it gave her a boost of energy whenever she looked at it. When asked if it bothered her, the K-pop star responded:

“I’m thankful that I met a person who gives me the courage in doing my work. Honestly, how others view me is bothering, right? When I’m bothered and focus on those things, I think there are times I lose the value of my happiness.

So instead of doing that, I focus on the present. And one of my good tips to know is a better tomorrow than today.’ Spending tomorrow better than today, I think there isn’t a happier thing than that. “

Negative Feedback Floods in After HyunA’s Live Stream

HyunA, Yong Junhyung (Photo : INSTAGRAM)

Despite her explanation, HyunA continued to face harsh comments and backlash for openly acknowledging her relationship with Yong.

Here are a few comments:

  • “Are you proud of dating the ex-boyfriend of your late friend, Goo Hara?”
  • “Are you defending the person who used hidden cameras with sex offender Jung Joon Young?”
  • “As someone who really liked Hyuna, I don’t understand why while her public relationship is not a problem, why is she so proud meeting a boyfriend who saw hidden cameras in Burning Sun.”

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