HyunA and Yong Junhyung’s Marriage News Sparks Reactions From K-pop Fans + Statements From Agencies

The announcement of HyunA’s marriage to Yong Junhyung has caused a huge buzz on social media and online communities.

YTN, a Korean news outlet, published an exclusive report on July 8 revealing that HyunA and Yong Junhyung have decided to get married on October 11. Sources close to the industry have confirmed that the couple has chosen to start a life together.

The news also garnered a response from industry insiders who expressed their support for the couple’s marriage. According to an insider, “Their longstanding friendship has given them a deep understanding of the challenges in the entertainment industry,”and added, “They share a strong bond of trust and empathy.

They both had unwavering confidence in their love, which led them to make the decision to get married after becoming a couple.

On January 18, the couple officially announced their relationship by each sharing a photo of themselves holding hands on a beach.

The announcement caused a split in reactions among netizens, with some showing support for the duo while others expressed criticism, citing Yong Junhyung’s controversial involvement in the infamous 2019 Burning Sun scandal.

After news of Yong Junhyung’s supposed marriage went viral online, his agency BLACK MADE issued a short statement addressing the situation. According to a source from the agency, they are currently in the process of verifying the information. “Once we have confirmed the validity of the news, we will release a statement to address our stance,”the statement read.

At the same time, there have been reports stating that both parties are currently in the process of verifying the facts.

The reveal received mixed reactions from netizens. On July 8, K-pop fans convened in a forum to share their thoughts on the announcement. Most of them expressed surprise and disbelief upon hearing about the marriage.

Below are their comments:

  • “Hyuna. Please wake up.”
  • “No, but they’re really getting married? Shouldn’t they think about it a bit more?”
  • “I really hope this is a fake report.”
  • “No, but unnie, why are you like this?”
  • “Wow. This is so upsetting
  • “Whoa, I’m speechless.”
  • “This is legendary.”
  • “Wow, you can never predict what people will do.”

Another article featured the responses of international netizens to the unexpected announcement. According to the comments, several expressed their disapproval, while some speculated about a possible pregnancy. The news also sparked a variety of reactions on platform X (Twitter).

  • “Dawn dodged a bullet.”
  • “Oh no, why? Well, I guess Dawn dodged a bullet?”
  • “Trash marrying trash, at least they’re only bringing each other down.”
  • “Imagine leaving dawn to marry Yong Junhyung she fumbled the bag. I hope Dawn is happy and finds a better partner for himself.”
  • “She has to be pregnant because why would you want to marry this man you literally tie yourself to him forever?”
  • “It just keeps getting worse.”

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