Iconic anime studio going backrupt called “end of an era” by fans

Gainax, the studio behind popular anime franchises such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, has declared bankruptcy. Fans are expressing their sadness over the company’s downfall and closure.

On June 1, 2024, Gainax officially announced their bankruptcy, which had occurred on May 29, 2024. The renowned production house, known for creating some of the top anime, made the decision after years of uncertainty about their future success.

Despite numerous other issues, such as taking out large unsecured loans and attempting to expand with a bespoke CG studio, the decline of the studio was attributed to several reasons. Gainax’s CEO, Yasuhiro Kamimura, further elaborated on these issues in a statement.

“According to Oricon, the spokesperson expresses deep regret to our creditors, the companies that worked with us, and our supporters for our failure to fully reach our objectives, resulting in the difficult decision to file for bankruptcy.”

In his account, he outlines the series of events that have led to the present, including instances of defaulting on debts in the anime industry, unauthorized trading of intellectual property, the 2019 arrest of a former Representative Director for alleged indecent acts, and other obstacles.

Ultimately, according to his writing, despite undergoing an audit by fellow studio Khara, Inc. and hiring new directors, Gainax’s debt remains an insurmountable amount.

Fans of Evangelion will be familiar with Khara as the current production company behind the franchise. It was established by Hideaki Anno in 2006, allowing him to have creative control over the Rebirth of Evangelion anime films. While Gainax was unable to replicate the success of Evangelion in the 1990s, they did create several other popular series, such as Gurren Lagann in 2007.

Khara also issued a statement regarding the issue, stating that Anno had actively campaigned to support Gainax in any way possible. However, despite their efforts, the damage had already been done and the company found itself in an unmanageable state of debt. As a result, Gainax came to the decision that it would be difficult to continue operations, as stated by Khara on their website.

“The sentiment among onlookers is mixed. According to the top comment on Reddit, while the company may have become a mere skeleton of its former self, this event still marks the end of an era.”

“Another individual remarks, ‘The mismanagement of this company has led to its downfall.’ A third person expresses surprise, stating, ‘It’s astonishing that it took this long considering this Gainax is not the same one we know and cherish.’ “

Both Khara and Studio Trigger maintain the spirit of Gainax, as they were both founded by creatives from the company and have since thrived in various areas.

In 2021, we were treated to the release of Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time, with hints of potential future developments in the franchise. Additionally, Studio Trigger’s works such as Kill la Kill and SSSS.Gridman have solidified their reputation as top-notch superhero anime.

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