Idol from RBW Gains Popularity Among Employees for His Kindness to Staff: ‘Every Company Needs Someone Like Him’

This fourth-generation male idol has become highly desired by Korean employers after his actions towards the RBW staff.

Idol from RBW 'In Demand' Among Employees After Doing THIS to Staff: 'Every Company Needs 1 of Him'

On July 8, ONEUS Xion gained attention when he shared a funny story about how he unintentionally caused all RBW staff to leave work early due to a careless mistake.

On FROMM, the platform for fans to communicate, the idol revealed that his fellow member Keonhee surprised him with a coffee during lunch and confessed his actions.

A post shared by instagram

“I caused a major accident today? He bought me a coffee but I have something to do in the office and while doing it, I spilled the coffee. It went into the power outlet.”

He proceeded:

“But the electricity in our office is all connected to one main power source, so a blackout happened in the entire office, and everyone had to go home. I’m really sorry.”

Despite it being unintentional, Xion sincerely apologized to those affected by the incident and reassured fans that no one was harmed, for which they were grateful.

After his story spread on Korean X, many employees from RBW’s competitors expressed their envy towards the label’s staff members, who were able to leave work early because of a coffee spill caused by a K-pop idol.

Despite Xion’s mistake, he will not face any repercussions and the employees will view him as a modern hero.

Xion’s popularity among employees has grown, and they are eagerly anticipating his upcoming visits to their companies. He has also expressed his belief that every company should have at least one Xion.

Despite feeling apologetic on July 9, the idol was comforted by his fans who informed him that the workers were grateful for his actions. Some even promised to watch his fancams after work as a token of appreciation.

Upon Xion’s response,

“It’s better than working late, though. As long as the data is fine by tomorrow, I’ll become a hero.

Xion’s welfare… is it welfare? Since you went home early, it’s welfare for now.”

A post shared by instagram

The idol playfully answered the requests of the employees, saying:

“Ah, a lot of office employees are looking for me? Then make sure to save your work and contact me.

I’ll come with coffee.”

In the meantime, Xion is a member of the K-pop boy group ONEUS. Following the release of their single, “Now”in May, the group is said to be participating in Mnet’s “Road to Kingdom 2,”which is scheduled to be broadcast in 2024. This comes after their initial appearance on the show’s main survival program, “Kingdom,”in 2020.

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