ILLIT Agency Takes Legal Action Against Malicious Commenters: No Leniency

On June 10, an official statement was released by Belift Lab regarding their girl group ILLIT. The complete statement is provided below:


Belift Lab is the name of this company.

We have initiated legal proceedings against those who have made defamatory, insulting, sexually harassing, false, or malicious remarks about ILLIT. We would like to provide a status update on the current state of these legal actions.

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Despite being a newly debuted artist with only three months of experience, ILLIT has already faced a barrage of highly malicious and excessive defamatory posts. It is clear that urgent and robust legal action is necessary to safeguard our rookie artists. As a result, we have been diligently monitoring and recording any malicious posts and comments from both domestic and international sources since their debut, even before announcing the official reporting process. We have taken the necessary steps to file complaints with investigative agencies.

The grievances consist of people who have made harmful remarks on local online platforms such as Naver, Nate, TheQoo, DC Inside, Instiz, and Ilgan Best, as well as music websites like Melon, Bugs Music, and Genie Music. Additionally, we have also gathered posts from global social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. These posts were collected in real-time, even if they were deleted, to prevent any loss of evidence.

Due to this, we have submitted reports to the police against numerous individuals, and inquiries are currently in progress. We will persist in documenting and consistently reporting any harmful content.

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We will not tolerate malicious acts and will take strict measures against those responsible based on evidence gathered from fan reports and our own monitoring. We want to make it clear that there will be no leniency or settlements granted in any situation.

“We greatly appreciate your interest and reports, as they assist us in taking appropriate legal action. We kindly request that you actively report any malicious posts or illegal activities related to ILLIT to our official legal response account ([email protected]).”

We are grateful for your constant support and commitment. Our efforts to safeguard the rights of our artists will persist.

“Thank you.”

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