ILLIT Minju Achieves Visual Upgrade After Changing THIS

One aspect of herself that ILLIT member Minju altered has been receiving love and praise from Korean netizens.

On the 29th of June 2024, a post titled “Minju from ILLIT changes her hairstyle”was shared on Instiz, a well-known online forum from South Korea.

The post included multiple photos of Minju taken on June 28, shared by the original author. Earlier, the girl group had been spotted at Gimpo Airport as they prepared to travel to Japan for their scheduled events.

Much to everyone’s astonishment, Minju has made a significant alteration: she has dyed her hair blonde! Despite previously sporting long, black hair during her time as a contestant on “R U NEXT?”and her debut with ILLIT, this new look has been warmly embraced by Korean netizens.

Despite the difficulty of pulling off a blonde look, many have expressed that she wears it well and effortlessly. The idol’s upgraded visuals received much praise as people gushed over her beauty.

Some speculated that she had bleached her hair in preparation for dyeing it a different color. They questioned whether she was aiming for a vibrant shade, pointing out that hues such as pink would complement her cute and innocent appearance.

While there were some who argued that they preferred her with black hair, the overwhelming majority expressed their love for Minju’s new look!

Besides Minju, other ILLIT members have also dyed their hair. Iroha recently went blonde, while Yunah’s hair is currently brown.

Several comments were written, stating that…

  • “Are they going to release their second album soon?”
  • “Wow, she bleached her hair.”
  • “Pretty!”
  • “This color is not easy to pull off, but it looks so pretty on her.”
  • “Wow, so pretty!”
  • “Are they going to dye another color over this later?”
  • “Iroha also dyed her hair blonde.”
  • “Minju is so pretty!”
  • “She is seriously pretty. I wonder if they’re dyeing it a different color? I think she would look so pretty with pink hair.”
  • “Ah, I prefer Minju with black hair more.”

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