ILLIT’s Wonhee Performs “Magnetic” While Seated Due to Ankle Injury

The “Weverse Con”took place on June 15th at the Inspire Arena, located within the Inspire Entertainment Resort in Incheon.

“The “2024 Weverse Con Festival”includes “Weverse Con”, a music festival created by HYBE to provide a diverse and inclusive fan experience that goes beyond traditional music genres and age groups.”

The festival will include tribute performances for iconic artists, as well as stages by a variety of artists from HYBE Labels.

The debut song “Magnetic”by girl group ILLIT (Yunah, Minju, Moka, Wonhee, Iroha) marked the beginning of their opening stage on this day.

ILLIT Performs Magnetic weverse

Upon their entrance, ILLIT was greeted by the audience who joined in singing the chorus.

‘ILLIT shared, “This is our first time performing at a festival since our debut. It has always been our dream to perform on stage, and we are thrilled to have finally accomplished it.”

As a result of her injury, member Wonhee was seated on a chair during the performance, and other ILLIT members interacted with her throughout the show to include her in their act.

Afterwards, ILLIT presented their enchanting visuals through their performance of “Midnight Fiction”. Following their stage, the group expressed, “We are excited for the many incredible performances by our senior artists that are planned for this ‘Weverse Con’. We hope you will anticipate them as well.”

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