Inception 2 hopes sparked after mysterious Christopher Nolan tease

Despite being the creative force behind several Oscar-worthy films in recent years, Christopher Nolan has yet to release a sequel to his 2010 masterpiece, Inception. Fans are eagerly anticipating a follow-up to this epic film.

Featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Elliot Page, the film depicts a team of criminals who extract information from the minds of their victims.

Empire Magazine released a playful Easter egg in the form of a spinning top from the movie, teasing something major on the horizon. This led some fans to speculate that an announcement for Inception 2 was imminent.

One fan tweeted, “I KNOW that’s not what I think it is,”along with a screenshot of DiCaprio from the movie. Another commented, “Imagine if it’s actually Inception 2 lol.”

Regrettably, it seems that the spinning top is not an announcement for Inception 2. Rather, it is a hint that a magazine cover featuring Nolan is on its way.

The upcoming 10th anniversary of the director’s space epic Interstellar, featuring Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway, will see the film re-released in theaters this fall. It is likely that this magazine cover will highlight Nolan’s revisit to some of his most notable works, including Interstellar.

Will There Ever Be Another Inception Film?

Contrary to rumors, Christopher Nolan has never officially announced that Inception 2 is close to entering production.

Despite its famous ambiguous ending, Inception was always intended to be a standalone film.

Despite the appeal of the concept of being able to enter and exit different minds, Nolan deliberately made the final shot of the spinning top the sole solution that audiences would require. This ensured that the ending would be satisfying and conclusive.

Despite this, Nolan is not typically known for creating sequels to his films because the majority of his work features a definitive ending. While he has not explicitly ruled out the possibility of sequels, the complex nature of his films would make it difficult to develop a follow-up.

Despite the success of the Batman series, Nolan has not revisited the character or his world since the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises in 2012, making it the only exception to the rule.

According to Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the Inception cast appears to be content with how the story concluded. In response to a fan inquiring about a potential sequel, Gordon-Levitt playfully asked, “Hahaahahahaha oh you were serious?”while tweeting, indicating that rumors of a follow-up film are simply “pie in the sky.”

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